Climate change mitigation

Our vision – For a cleaner world – defines our ambition to move towards a low-emission energy system and optimal resource efficiency.Our main tools in climate change mitigation are increasing renewable energy production, improving energy efficiency and providing smart energy solutions for our customers.

Towards low-emissions production

In Europe, we produce carbon dioxide-free electricity with hydro, nuclear and wind power and at combined heat and power (CHP) plants that utilise biomass, bio liquids and waste-derived fuels. In the EU area, 96% (2015: 97%) of our electricity production was carbon-free in 2016.The rest of the electricity was produced mainly with coal. We produce solar power in India.

Our electricity production in Russia is based entirely on fossil fuels, mainly on natural gas. Our new plant units in Russia are based on gas turbine technology, which represents the best available technology in natural gas combustion.62% (2015: 64%) of our total electricity production was carbon dioxide-free.

Climate-benign products and services

We offer our customers a range of energy products and services to help them improve their energy efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint:

  • Carbon dioxide-free electricity products 
  • Real-time monitoring and optimisation of electricity consumption 
  • Solar panel kits 
  • Electric vehicle charging systems

Emissions trading

Fortum’s view is that emissions trading is the most cost-efficient way to achieve emissions targets. In our view, the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) as a mechanism has functioned as planned, and it should be the key means for realising the EU climate targets also in the future. A revision of the EU’s emissions trading directive for 2021-2030 was reviewed by the Parliament and the Commission in 2016, and the directive is expected to be approved during 2017.

Greenhouse gas emissions

Our greenhouse gas emissions in 2016 totalled 23.6 (2015: 24.1) million tonnes. Scope 1 emissions were 18.8 million tonnes, Scope 2 emissions 0.1 million tonnes, and Scope 3 emissions 4.7 million tonnes.

Our specific carbon dioxide emissions (Scope 1) from total energy production were 184 (2015: 181) g/kWh. The five-year average, including 2016, was 188 (2015: 191) g/kWh, which is below the target of 200 g/kWh.

Our specific carbon dioxide emissions (Scope 1) from power production in the EU were 28 (2015: 21) g/kWh. The specific carbon dioxide emissions from our power production, measured as gCO2/kWh, are low compared to other European power producers.

Our greenhouse gas emissions are reported in more detail in our Sustainability report.