Energy intensity 2015

​We used a total of 116,000 GWh (417 PJ) of fuel in 2015 in our electricity and heat production. Additionally, we acquired 398 (2014: 401) GWh electricity from external energy suppliers  With these energy resources we produced 35,741 GWh of electricity, 31,229 GWh of heat, 18 GWh of cooling and 39 GWh of bio-oil. The total energy consumption, calculated as the difference between the procured energy resources and net production, was 49,300 GWh, or 178 (2014: 167) PJ.

In combustion-based energy production, we aim to utilise the fuel as efficiently as possible. In 2015, our average fuel use efficiency was 64% (2014: 64%). The efficiency has been calculated by dividing the energy (electricity and heat) produced with the fuel by the energy content of the fuel used in the production.
The energy intensity of our own production was 1.33 (2014: 1.37). The intensity figure has been calculated by dividing the amount of used energy resources by the total net production of energy products; hydropower and solar power are included in production.