Fuel consumption 2015

​Fortum’s fuel consumption in own energy production was 116 terawatt-hours (TWh), or 417 (2014: 422) petajoules (PJ). The most significant fuel was natural gas, which accounted for 65% (2014: 65%) of the total fuel consumption. The shares of uranium and coal were 22% (2014: 19%) and 9% (2014: 11%), respectively.

Fuel use in 2013-2015, energy (GRI G4-EN-3)


Biomass and bioliquids accounted for 2.7% (2014: 3.0%) and waste-derived fuels 0.6% (2014: 0.5%) of our total fuel consumption.

The energy-specific fuel consumption has been calculated based on the usage volumes and fuel-specific heating values measured at the power plants. Uranium consumption has been calculated as the thermal heat generation in the reactors.

Fuel use in 2013-2015, mass/volume (GRI G4-EN1)


Fuel use by country in 2015 (GRI G4-EN1)


Russia accounted for 99% of our use of natural gas and 53% of our use of coal. Russia’s share of our total fuel use was about 70%.