Environmental responsibility

Fortum's aim is to provide our customers with environmentally benign products and services. We strive to continuously reduce the environmental impacts of our operations by using best available practices and technologies. We emphasise a circular economy, resource and energy efficiency, the use of waste and biomass, and climate change mitigation in environmental responsibility.

Environmental impacts

Some of the environmental impacts of energy production are global or wide-reaching, some are regional or local. In terms of Fortum’s operations, the key environmental aspects include:

  • Climate change
  • Use of renewable energy sources
  • Circular economy
  • Flue-gas emissions
  • Hydropower’s environmental impacts and biodiversity
  • Fuel procurement

Climate change mitigation

We can reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by increasing carbon dioxide-free energy production and the use of renewable energy sources, and improving energy efficiency of production.62% of the total electricity we produced in 2016 was carbon dioxide-free. We made several investment decisions that will significantly grow our wind and solar power production in the years ahead.

Circular economy boosts resource efficiency

We recycle significant amounts of waste and energy production by-products generated in our operations. Additionally, our circular economy services separate from municipal waste streams substances that can be utilised as materials and for energy production.

The continuous improvement of resource and energy efficiency is important in terms of the sufficiency of natural resources and climate change mitigation. In improving the energy efficiency of our own production, we have gained expertise that we have put to use in providing energy efficiency services to other energy companies.

Advanced combustion technology

Fuel use generates sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and particle emissions that degrade air quality and cause acidification of soil and water systems. These emissions can be effectively reduced with various flue-gas cleaning technologies. Special expertise in combustion technology is one of Fortum’s strengths, and we have supplied our own power plants and many other energy companies with combustion technology solutions to reduce nitrogen oxide.

Mitigation of hydropower’s environmental impacts

Damming rivers and regulating water systems change the natural water levels and discharges and cause changes in aquatic habitats. We actively take part in research activities in the sector and implement voluntary and permit-based measures to develop the biodiversity, fish populations and the multi-use of water systems where we produce hydro power.