Sustainability News

​Date ​Title
​8.11.2017 Fortum participates in COP23 in Bonn
​30.10.2017 Fortum receives high rating for climate actions in CDP 2017 results
​23.10.2017 Fortum is committed to solar power in India
​19.10.2017 Over half of the demolition waste in first phase of dismantling Fortum’s Inkoo coal-fired power plant has been recycled
11.10.2017​ Fortum SmartLiving solution for four Lemminkäinen apartment buildings in Sompasaari, Helsinki
​9.10.2017 Fortum SmartLiving and YIT engage in strategic partnership in developing smart living
​5.10.2017 Fortum and NBCC agree on developing electric vehicle charging infrastructure across India
​4.10.2017 Horse manure is used to generate 100% of the electricity for this year’s Helsinki International Horse Show
​29.9.2017 Fortum to start building the Sørfjord windfarm in Norway
​24.8.2017 Modern trap and transport facilities to be commissioned at Fortum’s Montta hydropower plant on River Oulujoki
​10.7.2017 Fortum supplies purification systems for radioactive liquids to Grafenrheinfeld plant in Germany
​21.6.2017 Fortum-RUSNANO wind investment fund chooses Vestas as wind turbine supplier in Russia
​20.6.2017 Three Nordic utilities propose a mechanism to ensure policy coherence with the EU ETS
​20.6.2017 Fortum: Jorma Ollila presents several important proposals to improve the Nordic energy cooperation - now it's for the ministers to make that happen
​15.6.2017 Fortum-RUSNANO wind investment fund has been awarded 1,000 MW wind capacity in Russian wind CSA auction
​14.6.2017 Fortum’s latest Energy Review: Electricity retail market must be developed towards a customer-centric model
​2.6.2017 ​Fortum: The withdrawal of the United States from the Paris Agreement on climate change is a disappointment
​18.5.2017 Fortum’s Circular Economy Village selected as the Climate Deed of 2017
​18.5.2017 Fortum Charge & Drive expands to East Anglia in the UK by providing Cloud Solution for EV Driver
​12.5.2017 Driving the change towards smart, sustainable cities in Stockholm and Espoo
​2.5.2017 ​Fortum Charge & Drive enters UK market - Signs cooperation agreement with Franklin Energy
​27.4.2017 Fortum and RUSNANO establish investment partnership to create possibility to capture CSA wind opportunity in Russia
​26.4.2017 Fortum and City of Oslo restructure ownership in Hafslund and announce partnership for a greener Oslo
​24.4.2017 Fortum Charge & Drive and OP increase electric car charging stations by a third in Finland
​3.4.2017 Fortum has commissioned a 70-MW solar project in India
​30.3.2017 City of Espoo and Fortum continue efforts towards making Espoo a low-carbon city
​16.3.2017 The investment of Kaunas waste-to-energy power plant starts
​13.3.2017 Fortum and Futurice are developing a new concept for solar energy companies in developing countries
​7.3.2017 Fortum has published its Sustainability Report and Online Annual Review for 2016
​6.3.2017 Fortum to start building the Ånstadblåheia wind farm in Norway
​1.3.2017 Biggest battery in the Nordic countries commissioned in Järvenpää
​22.2.2017 Fortum Charge & Drive expands to Poland through cooperation with Energa
​8.2.2017 40 years of CO2-free electricity from Fortum’s Loviisa power plant
​7.2.2017 STUK approves periodic safety assessment of Fortum’s Loviisa power plant
​30.1.2017 Fortum's reflections on the waste-to-energy communication of the European Commission's CE action plan
​5.1.2017 Fortum finalised the acquisition of wind power projects from Nordkraft
​3.1.2017 ​A successful and safe production year 2016 at Fortum’s Loviisa nuclear power plant - electricity generation capacity increased by 12 MW
​21.12.2016 Fortum continues its investments in circular economy by acquiring Turebergs Recycling AB in Sweden
​16.12.2016 ​Fortum is looking into possible cooperation to construct waste-to-energy plant in Indonesia
​9.12.2016 Fortum Charge & Drive opens an innovative charging facility for electric vehicles in Oslo, Norway
​1.12.2016 Fortum invests in breakthrough solar technology manufacturer Exeger
​30.11.2016 Fortum: EU Commission takes an important step towards a more market-driven, smart and clean energy world
​30.11.2016 Fortum to supply low-NOx combustion technology for Krakow power plant
​29.11.2016 STUK ruling: Posiva can commence construction of final disposal facility
​24.11.2016 RUSNANO and Fortum look into possible cooperation in wind generation in Russia
​22.11.2016 European energy companies urge EU policymakers to take action for a robust carbon price signal on the European carbon market
​21.11.2016 Fortum and Ericsson sign collaboration agreement on utilising data centre’s waste heat for district heating
​8.11.2016 ​A more ambitious reform needed to salvage the EU ETS
​8.11.2016 ​Fortum to acquire three wind power projects, totalling approximately 170 MW, in Norway
​26.10.2016 Fortum receives high rating by CDP for climate actions
​16.9.2016 Fortum Charge & Drive and Genesta Property Nordic have signed a framework agreement to develop and operate their electric vehicle charging infrastructure 
​5.9.2016 Fortum to host a hackathon on the customer solar panel purchasing process and customer experience
​5.9.2016 Fortum Charge & Drive is part of the world's largest charging station for EVs 
​31.8.2016 Fortum’s acquisition of Ekokem finalised 
​14.6.2016 Cornerstone laid at Fortum's new combined heat and power plant in Zabrze, Poland
​6.6.2016 Cornerstone set for River Oulujoki fish trap and transport facilities – a joint project by Fortum, ELY Centre and regional municipalities
​27.5.2016 Fortum to acquire Ekokem, a Nordic circular economy company
​20.5.2016 Three Nordic utilities call for action to strengthen the EU carbon market
​18.5.2016 Fortum Charge & Drive continues to expand – now collaborating with Jönköping Energi in Sweden
​19.4.2016 Fortum calls for EU-level sustainability criteria and phase out of subsidies for biomass
​15.4.2016 Fortum to start building the Solberg windfarm in Sweden
​13.4.2016 Fortum wins bid for 100 MW solar power park in a reverse auction in Karnataka, India, with a fixed tariff for 25 years
​12.4.2016 ​Fortum's targets and next steps in solar
​23.3.2016 Construction of the trap and transport facilities at Montta hydropower plant to begin
​23.3.2016 Hydropower paves the way for tomorrow's energy system
​8.3.2016 EU Commissioner Cañete and Swedish Energy minister Baylan discussed sustainability criteria for bioenergy and European power market at Fortum
​2.3.2016 Fortum receives letter of intent for the 70 MW solar PV project in Rajasthan, India
​29.2.2016 Fortum acquires a 75-MW construction-ready windfarm project in Sweden
​22.2.2016 Valmet and Fortum: uniform EU-level sustainability criteria for bioenergy
​17.2.2016 Solidification plant for Fortum's Loviisa power plant’s liquid radioactive waste starts operation
​12/2/2016 Fortum’s new bio-fuelled CHP plant in Stockholm in final testing phase before commissioning
​28/12/2015 Fortum improves the supply of electricity and water in the village of Kapeli, India
​23/12/2015 Fortum starts a 35 MW wind farm project in Russia
​22/12/2015 Fortum to deliver EV charging units to southern Norway
​16/12/2015 ​The Sotenäs Wave Energy Plant connected to the Swedish National Grid
​12/12/2015 Paris climate agreement will accelerate energy system transformation – advancement must be market-driven
​11/12/2015 Royal Seaport awarded best sustainable urban development project
​9/12/2015 European energy companies: Carbon pricing as main tool to fight climate change
​30/11/2015 Fortum Charge & Drive charging network expands to Trøndelag, Norway
​30/11/2015 Fortum supports the international climate agreement - a major step towards low-emission society
​23/11/2015 ​Fortum assigned to a boiler unit refurbishment project in Eskilstuna, Sweden
​19/11/2015 The future energy system needs hydropower
​17/11/2015 Fortum to build more wind power in Sweden
​13/11/2015 Fortum ranked number 1 on sustainability in Sweden
​9/11/2015 Fortum to supply a combustion technology solution to reduce nitrogen emissions at EDF Polska power plant in Poland
​6/11/2015 Fortum expects good availability in existing nuclear units but is worried about energy sector operating environment in Sweden
​4/11/2015 Fortum ranked on the top of the Nordic climate index
​20/10/2015 ​Fortum and Renault bring new charging units to Lapland - convenient drive with electric vehicles from Norway to Finland
​15/10/2015 Fortum and Lietuvos Energija cooperate to build a waste-to-energy CHP plant in Lithuania
​22/9/2015 Fortum to supply more ion exchange materials for purification of radioactive liquids in Fukushima, Japan
​4/9/2015 Fortum wins Asian Power Awards 2015 for Indian solar project
​1/9/2015 Fortum’s first export batch of Finnish bio-oil to E.ON in Sweden
​18/8/2015 ​Fortum to deliver solar power plant for Finnish Meteorological Institute's site in Helsinki
​1/7/2015 Swedish property chooses Fortum Charge & Drive solution for operating their electric vehicle charging infrastructure
​3/6/2015 OAO Fortum into energy R&D cooperation with Skolkovo Foundation in Russia
​6/5/2015 EU Horizon 2020 programme grants EUR 17 million for wave power research project coordinated by Fortum
​5/5/2015 Icelandic ON Power chooses Fortum Charge & Drive
​27/4/2015 Fortum’s Esa Hyvärinen in EuroHeat and Power congress, Estonia: Customers and competition to drive heat markets
​21/4/2015 Safety-enhancing cooling towers for Fortum’s Loviisa nuclear power plant completed
​31/3/2015 Fortum to invest in a new combined heat and power plant in Zabrze, Poland
​2/3/2015 ​Fortum's Energy Review: Nordic electricity market in transition
​27/2/2015 Fortum's Markus Rauramo in Brussels: Competitive heat markets help in reaching EU climate and energy targets
​20/1/2015 Fortum launches its first Greenfield Solar project in India
​20/1/2015 Petteri Taalas, Member of Fortum Board of Directors, in Brussels: Carbon market reform urgently needed
​15/1/2015 Fortum Origination signs long term Balance and Trading agreement with BlaikenVind