Corporate citizenship

Social responsibility is a cornerstone of Fortum’s operations. Our operations impact the local communities where our power plants are located, and we engage in many kinds of collaboration with local stakeholders.

We support activities promoting the common good in society, for example the work of organisations and communities in our operating countries. Our sponsorship programme focuses on the future – on children, young people, the environment and society. Fortum also does significant collaboration with different research and development projects, particularly with Nordic universities.

We actively participate in national and international organisations. Public affairs and collaboration with authorities are a priority in the energy sector.

Local impacts and collaboration with local communities

We are an important employer and significant tax payer in our operating areas. In addition, our investments improve the local infrastructure. Of our energy production forms, hydropower has the most significant impacts on local communities and local forms of land use. Hydropower construction and use may alter the fluctuation range and rhythm in the discharge and water level in waterways as well as the fish fauna. These changes impact fishing, recreational use, and boating. We mitigate and compensate the adversities caused by hydropower production through numerous measures, such as stocking fish and building boat launch ramps.

We communicate openly, honestly and proactively, and we engage in a dialogue with the stakeholder groups located near our power plants. We carry out collaboration projects with local communities. We conduct environmental impact assessments (EIA) for our projects in accordance with legislative requirements. The hearing of stakeholders is part of the EIA process. In addition, relevant stakeholders are heard in all permit procedures.

Examples of our activities with local communities are listed in our Sustainability report.

Support for society

In 2016, our support for activities promoting the common good totalled about EUR 3.6 (2015: 3.6) million.
The share of grants awarded by the Fortum Foundation was about EUR 675,000 (2015: 706,000) of the support.
Fortum Foundation supports research, education and development in the natural, technical and economical sciences within the energy industry.

In 2017, Ekokem will award EUR 150,000 in grants for environmental and waste management sector research.
The purpose of the fund is to promote and support innovative research and expertise to benefit the environmental management sector, especially regarding waste management, material recycling, the utilisation of waste, the treatment of hazardous waste, and the restoration of soil and waters in the Nordic countries.

Examples of our collaboration with universities and colleges indifferent operating countries are listed in our Sustainability report.


Sponsorship projects

In 2016, we continued sponsoring the coaching of children and youth in football, volleyball, basketball, and track and field. Through the Fortum Tutor programme, we offer tutors to support coaches in their daily work as well as financial support for teams to train new coaches. Fortum Tutor operates in Finland and in the Baltic cities where Fortum has power plants.

The Fortum Honorary Energy Donor mobile app has been in use in Poland and Russia. It encourages people to engage in physical activity. The distance covered during a physical activity can be converted into energy, for which Fortum makes a financial donation to selected charities.