We are a significant employer in the regions where we have operations. We strive to be a responsible employer that invests in the development and wellbeing of personnel. In 2016, an average of 7,994 (2015: 8,009) employees worked at Fortum. The highest number of employees was in Russia, 3,814 (2015: 4,180) on average.


Diversity and equal opportunity

We promote equal treatment and opportunities in the recruiting, remuneration, development and career advancement of personnel, regardless of the employee’s race, religion, political views, gender, age, nationality, language, sexual orientation, marital status or disabilities.

Any form of harassment is forbidden and addressed immediately. In Finland, Sweden, and India there are separate guidelines in place for workplace harassment and discrimination. There were no incidents of discrimination reported in 2016.

Employee wellbeing

The energy sector is in transition and this reflects also on Fortum’s business. We want to support our personnel in the change also by paying special attention to work wellbeing. Personnel wellbeing is a prerequisite for successful and efficient business operations.

Employee development

Fortum encourages its employees to continuously develop their knowledge, skills and competencies. To support this, we have focused on developing leadership and organisational culture through a coaching approach. The coaching approach increases participative management, which encourages employee accountability in their work. One of the key elements in the coaching approach is the giving and receiving of feedback.