Social responsibility

Fortum impacts the daily lives of millions of people through its businesses. Fortum’s social responsibility emphasises operational and occupational safety, employee wellbeing, the secure supply of electricity and heat, creating sustainable solutions for cities, as well as ethical business operations and compliance with regulations. We engage in an active dialogue with different stakeholder groups and we strive to find a balance between their various expectations.

Social impacts  

We strive to be a safe workplace for our employees. We promote operational and occupational safety and wellbeing in the work community, which are prerequisites for efficient and interruption-free production. Our innovations and the secure supply of power and heat support the development of society and increase wellbeing. We want to offer sustainable city solutions that promote a circular economy.

Ethical business practices and respecting internationally recognised human rights are the foundation of Fortum’s Code of Conduct. Fortum’s sustainability approach also includes being a good corporate citizen and taking care of the surrounding communities. We want to support responsible operations in Fortum’s supply chain and in society.

                                                                                                                                                                                                 Photo: Lehtikuva