Product responsibility

Fortum is a clean energy company that provides customers with electricity, heating and cooling as well as smart solutions to improve resource efficiency. Our ambition is to engage our customers and society to drive the change towards a low-emission energy system and optimal resource efficiency.

We are one of the leading electricity sales companies in the Nordic countries, and we sell electricity to private and business customers in Sweden, Finland and Norway. Fortum is one of the world’s biggest producers and sellers of heat. We sell heat to companies, the public sector and private customers in Finland, Poland, all the Baltic countries, and especially in Russia. Additionally, we sell district cooling in Finland and in Estonia, where the first customers started using district cooling in 2016.In Poland, we sell electricity, natural gas, and liquefied natural gas. Fortum Charge & Drive is the Nordic countries’ largest electric vehicle charging network, which operates in Norway, Iceland, Sweden and Finland.

With the acquisition of Ekokem, Fortum became one of the leading Nordic circular economy companies offering environmental management and material efficiency services. The range of services includes recycling, reutilisation and final disposal solutions, as well as soil remediation and environmental construction services. Operations are in Finland, Sweden and Denmark.

Guarantee-of-origin-labelled and renewable electricity

Fortum is one of the Nordic countries’ leading sellers of carbon dioxide-free and guarantee-of-origin-labelled electricity and can offer more and more customers an electricity agreement that comes with electricity produced with renewable energy. All the electricity we sold to private customers in Finland and Sweden in 2016 was renewable and carbon dioxide-free hydro-, wind or solar power. The origin of the electricity was guaranteed with European Guarantees of Origin. Some of the production was guaranteed also with the pan-European EKOenergy label granted by environmental organisations and in Sweden with the Bra Miljöval label.

Services to customers

In recent years Fortum has introduced many new solutions that improve energy efficiency for customers and reduce environmental impacts. We want to offer growing urban areas sustainable solutions that support a circular economy. Smart solutions give customers better opportunities to control their electricity consumption and costs. Fortum is continuously developing its products and services to meet the needs of customers. The new solutions are related to, e.g., energy efficiency and demand response, electric vehicles, solar power, and open district heating.

We offer power plant owners and industrial customers a variety of expert services for operation and maintenance. Additionally, we offer products and consulting services related to hydropower, nuclear safety and nuclear waste handling.

Marketing communications and customer data protection

Our goal is to present products and services truthfully in all our marketing and communication materials. We do not present misleading statements and we strictly follow responsible marketing communication guidelines. In statements regarding environmental issues, we follow the regulations for environmental marketing. No violations of regulatory or voluntary principles were observed in Fortum’s marketing communications in 2016.

Data protection legislation has been amended in recent years. New personal data protection legislation in Russia took effect in 2015, and in 2016 the EU published the Data Protection Regulation, which will take effect in May 2018.

Fortum assumes responsibility for customer data protection. We have launched a project to ensure that we fulfil the requirements of the regulation by the deadline.