Contingency planning

The main disaster and emergency situations we prepare for are related to our critical operations, such as power plant and dam safety and securing other operations.

For dam and nuclear safety, emergency preparedness obligations in Finland and Sweden are based on regulatory provisions; likewise, there are terrorism-related preparedness obligations in Russia. Otherwise, emergency preparedness obligations prescribed by authorities are of a general nature. Based on its own risk assessments, Fortum independently defines the crisis and exceptional situations it prepares for and drafts action plans for.

Responsibilities in contingency planning

Fortum’s crisis and emergency management and business continuity plans are prepared for the Group, division and site levels. The testing and updating of the crisis management and continuity plans are the responsibility of each division and line organisation. Crises impacting Group operations more broadly are managed at the Group level. Crisis communication instructions have been prepared for e.g. power and heat outages and for the Loviisa nuclear power plant. Corporate Security is responsible for crisis management development, e.g., for organising rehearsals and supporting planning. Corporate Communications is responsible for crisis communication.

Crisis rehearsals and other actions in 2015

In 2015 a crisis rehearsal was held for Fortum’s Heat, Electricity Sales and Solutions Division Management Team, among others. In Finland, the annual emergency exercise related to a nuclear power accident was held at the Loviisa power plant. The exercise focused on communication methods between the Loviisa power plant, the Keilaniemi Headquarters emergency organisations and key authorities: emergency response centre, national rescue services, police, and the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority.
Fire safety and rescue plans were created for the Headquarters in Russia, Finland, Sweden, Poland and the Baltics. Based on these plans, awareness events were held in the relevant locations. Information security risks were addressed during the year by creating an information security risk process to evaluate and analyse information-related risks. A goal for 2016 in preparing for crises and exceptional situations is to improve the risk management related especially to information security in power plants, as well as fire and rescue operations.