Security of supply

An uninterrupted and reliable energy supply is critical for society to function. With planned preventive maintenance and condition monitoring, we ensure that our power plants operate reliably to produce the electricity and heat customers need.

Power plant availability

We measure the availability of our CHP and hydropower plants with an energy availability indicator. Energy availability is calculated by dividing the power plant’s actual production in the period under review by the theoretical maximum production. The energy availability of our CHP plants in 2016 was, on average, 97.4% (2015: 96.4%); the target was 95%.
The energy availability of our hydropower plants was 98.7% (2015: 99.2%).

Interruptions in gas and heat distribution

In spring 2016 Fortum acquired DUON, a company specialising in electricity and gas distribution. Through this acquisition, we own about 480 km of gas distribution networks and 20 regasification stations in Poland.
Fortum also has about 2,800 km of district heating networks in Finland, Russia, Poland and the Baltic countries. The aim is to keep interruptions in gas and district heat distribution as short as possible by carrying out planned and preventive refurbishment and maintenance activities.