Sustainability indexes

Expert assessments of sustainability and good rankings in significant sustainability indexes are important to Fortum because they support the development and continuous improvement in the responsibility of our operations. Additionally, the assessments and indexes provide investors with impartial information about the level of the company's operations in the three sub-areas of sustainability: economic, environmental and social responsibility.

Fortum was ranked as the top company in the utilities sector in the annual CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project) Nordic rating 2016.Fortum scored A- (scale from D to A, A being the highest score).CDP represents 827 institutional investors.

Fortum is included in the STOXX Global ESG Leaders indices which list global leaders in terms of environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria. The family of indices is made up of three specialised indexes for the categories mentioned and one broad index which sums up the specialized indexes.

Fortum is included in the ECPI® Indices. These indices are used for benchmarking, thematic investments, risk management purposes and to create index-tracking investment strategies or ETF’s (Exchange-traded funds). ECPI is a leading rating and index company dedicated to ESG Research (Environmental, Social and Governance) since 1997. 

oekom research
German oekom research AG has awarded Fortum a Prime Status (B-) rating. Prime Status means that Fortum is among the best companies in its sector and fulfils industry-specific best-in-class requirements. Oekom research AG annually assesses about 3,000 companies.


Fortum has been included in the NASDAQ OMX and GES Investment Service’s OMX GES Sustainability Finland index. It provides investors with reliable and objective information about company performance in sustainability. GES Investment Services compares leading companies listed on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki and their responsibility in environmental, social and governance issues. The 40 top-ranking companies in the assessment are included in the index. 
Fortum has been integrated into the Euronext Vigeo Eurozone 120 index as of December 2016.This index distinguishes the 120 companies in the Eurozone region achieving the most advanced environmental, social and governance performances. The assessment is based on a review of up to 330 indicators.