​Fortum’s management of sustainability in the area of environmental performance is described below. Additionally, more detailed information on the management of the different aspects and impacts is presented by topic on our sustainability web pages.

Management of environmental responsibility​ Description​
Targets and approach​ ​In environmental responsibility, we emphasise energy and resource efficiency, climate change mitigation and the reduction of environmental impacts. Our expertise in carbon dioxide-free hydro and nuclear power production and in energy-efficient CHP production, as well as our investments in solar and wind energy, and our offering of sustainable solutions for cities contribute to our environmental responsibility. Through research and development work we are creating prerequisites for environmentally benign energy solutions.
We measure the realisation of the environmental responsibility with the following indicators, for which we have set Group-level targets (targets for 2015 and 2016):
  • Specific CO2 emissions
  • Energy efficiency
  • Significant environmental incidents
Additionally, we have a Group-level target for the number of supplier audits (aspect: supplier environmental assessments).
​Policies ​Environmental management is based on Fortum's sustainability policy.
Other key elements steering environmental management are presented in the section Policies and commitments
We assess environmental risks as part of the Group's risk assessment process (Financial Statements/Operating and finanacial review/risk management).
Responsibilities​ ​Our sustainability responsibilities are presented in the section Governance and Management.
​Monitoring and follow-up ​EHS non‑compliances are reported monthly and specific carbon dioxide emissions are reported quarterly and energy efficiency improvements annually to the Fortum Executive Management. The Group's key indicators are reported regularly to Fortum's Board of Directors and are published in Fortum's Interim Reports.
The divisions and sites develop their operations with audits required by environmental management systems. Internal and external auditors regularly audit our ISO 14001 standard-compliant management system. The CO2 emissions of plants within the sphere of the EU’s emissions trading scheme are audited annually on a per plant basis by an external verifier accredited by the emissions trading authority. The verification addresses the reliability, credibility and accuracy of the monitoring system and the reported data and information relating to emissions. The plants must annually submit to the authorities a verified emissions report of the previous calendar year’s carbon dioxide emissions.
We assess the level of operations of our business partners through pre-selection and supplier audits. For coal, we use the Bettercoal Code and tools in assessing the sustainability of the supply chain. The Bettercoal audits are always conducted by third parties.
We map our stakeholders' views annually with the One Fortum survey and with separate sustainability surveys.