Human rights

​Fortum’s management of sustainability in the area of Human rights in social performance is described below. Additionally, more detailed information on the management of the different aspects and impacts is presented by topic on our sustainability web pages.

Management of social responsibility: human rights​ ​Description
Targets and approach​ ​Our goal is to operate in accordance with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and to apply these principles in our own operations as well as in country and partner risk assessments and supplier audits.
Our social responsibility includes operating as a good corporate citizen and taking care of our own employees and the surrounding communities. We advance the well‑being and safety of the work community, respect for individuals, and mutual trust and responsible operations in our supply chain and more broadly in society.
We have set a Group‑level target for the number of supplier audits.
Policies ​Key elements steering human rights management are presented in the section Pollicies and commitments.
Responsibilities​ ​Our sustainability responsibilities are presented in the section Governance and management.
Monitoring and follow-up​ ​'We assess the level of operations of our business partners through pre-selection and supplier audits.
The results of the supplier surveys and audits assessing the realisation of labour rights and practices are recorded along with corrective measures into the supplier database, which is accessible to all Fortum employees. Fortum has set a Group target for the number of audits, and the audits that are conducted are reported quarterly to operative management.
For coal, we use the Bettercoal Code and tools in assessing the sustainability of the supply chain. The Bettercoal audits are always conducted by third parties.
The divisions and sites develop their operations with internal and external audits required by occupational safety and quality management systems.
Country‑specific reports that address also human rights are presented to Fortum’s Board of Directors and Fortum Executive Management when needed.
We map our stakeholders' views annually with the One Fortum survey and with separate sustainability surveys.