Product responsibility

​​​Fortum’s management of sustainability in the area of Product responsibility in social performance is described below. Additionally, more detailed information on the management of the different aspects and impacts is presented by topic on our sustainability web pages.

​Management of social responsibility: product responsibility Description​
Targets and approach​ ​Our goal is to present products and services truthfully in all our marketing and communication materials. We do not present misleading statements and we strictly follow responsible marketing communication guidelines. In statements regarding environmental issues, we follow the regulations for environmental marketing.
We have set Group‑level targets (targets for 2015 and 2016):
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Reputation  
​Policies ​Elements of our management practices related to product responsibility are presented in the section Policies and commitments.
​Responsibilities ​Our sustainability responsibilities are presented in the section Governance and management.
​Monitoring and follow-up
The availability of power plants are reported monthly to Fortum Executive Management.
The Group’s key indicators are reported regularly also to Fortum’s Board of Directors and are published in Fortum’s interim reports. 
Customer satisfaction is monitored annually with the One Fortum survey and the EPSI customer satisfaction survey. The results of the surveys are presented to Fortum’s management and they are used to develop the business. Customer satisfaction and Fortum’s reputation are part of the Group‑level sustainability target setting, and they are reported annually to the Board of Directors.
Compliance is reported twice per year as part of the business performance assessments.