​​Fortum’s management of sustainability in the area of Society in social performance is described below. Additionally, more detailed information on the management of the different aspects and impacts is presented by topic on our sustainability web pages.

​Management of social responsibility: society Description​
Target and approach​
We believe that an excellent financial result and ethical business are intertwined. We follow good business practices and ethical principles in all our operations. We compete fairly and ethically and work within the framework of applicable competition laws and Group competition instructions. We avoid all situations where our own personal interests may conflict with the interests of the Fortum Group. Notably, we never accept or give a bribe or other improper payment for any reason.
Our customer relations are based on honesty and trust. We treat our suppliers and subcontractors fairly and equally. We select them based on their merit and we expect them to consistently comply with our requirements and with Fortum’s Supplier Code of Conduct.
Policies​ ​Key elements steering social and compliance management are presented in the section Policies and commitments.
Responsibilities​ ​Our sustainability responsibilities are presented in the section Governance and management.
Monitoring and follow-up​ ​The risk assessment on compliance is part of the Group’s risk assessment process, and the results are reported twice per year as part of the business performance assessment process. Significant risks and violations are reported regularly to the Audit and Risk Committee.
Fortum has a channel available to all stakeholder groups for the reporting of misconduct.