Sustainability reporting

In our sustainability reporting, we comply with integrated reporting principles, and we apply the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 Guidelines’ specific standard disclosure indicators we have identified as material.

Our reporting for 2016 includes:

In addition to the annual reporting, we report on our sustainability activities in Fortum’s interim reports.

Internal reporting

Fortum’s environmental sustainability targets include the Group’s CO2 emissions per produced kWh, energy-efficiency improvement and the number of major EHS incidents. Social responsibility is measured at the corporate level with security of supply and occupational safety indicators. Also customer satisfaction and reputation are measured with corporate-level indicators.
EHS incidents, employee and contractor injury frequency rate, the number of serious work-related injuries and plant availability are reported monthly to the Fortum Executive Management. All occupational accidents and major EHS incidents as well as the causes of accidents are reviewed at Fortum Executive Management meetings. Specific carbon dioxide emissions and work wellbeing measured by the percentage of sickness-related absences, are reported to the Fortum Executive Management every quarter. The Group’s key indicators are reported regularly also to Fortum’s Board of Directors and are published in Fortum’s interim reports.

Global Compact Reporting

Fortum has been a member of the United Nations Global Compact initiative since June 2010. On our sustainability web pages, in conjunction with the description of environmental responsibility and social responsibility, we describe the realisation of the Ten Principles of the Global Compact initiative in our operations. We use the GRI G4 indicators to measure compliance with the principles of human rights, labour standards, the environment and anti-corruption.

Fortum joined the UN Caring for Climate initiative in November 2013. Fortum meets the reporting requirements of the Caring for Climate initiative by participating annually in the assessment in the CDP’s climate change survey and by publishing its response on the CDP website.

Sustainability assessments and questionnaires

Fortum annually responds to several sustainability assessments and questionnaires conducted by the investor community and others. For example, we respond to the global CDP Questionnaire (previously Carbon Disclosure Project) surveying corporate actions to mitigate climate change, and we are featured in the CDP’s Nordic Climate Disclosure Leadership Index for the eighth consecutive year. Some of these responses are public and some are available only to the organisation performing the assessment and ranking the respondents.