Riihimäki production plant

The Riihimäki production plant provides district heating and electricity for residents and properties in Riihimäki and Hyvinkää. The power plant fuels the production process with industrial, commercial and community waste.

Riihimäki production plant

Waste to energy

Our production plants use the waste to generate high-pressure steam, which we then lead into the joint steam network in the plant area for processing into electricity and district heating. The district heating that Fortum produces for the Riihimäki and Hyvinkää area is certified CO2-neutral Ekolämpö heating, which means that it does not release CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

Contact information

Fortum Waste Solutions Oy

Riihimäki production plant
Kuulojankatu 1
11120 Riihimäki, Finland
Tel: +358107551000

Operation manager

Juha Nykänen
Tel: +358 50 331 1168
juha [dot] nykanen [at] fortum [dot] com