Welcome to Loviisa power plant

High quality and safety of our operations is a priority for us at Loviisa Power Plant. We avoid causing any harm or damage to people, property or the environment. We believe that high quality and safety can be achieved through good cooperation and adherence to instructions and rules.

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Fortum Loviisa power plant at Hästholmen island aerial picture

Applying for a pass

Your contact person will send you pre-filled forms, see instructions on the other page of the ID card.

Once the work order approvals are in order, please sent the completed forms scanned to vastaanotto [at] fortum [dot] com.

If you wish, you can also send the forms to the above address using our security email https://securemail.fortum.com.

Arrival to Loviisa power plant

The reception office of the Loviisa power plant is located in the gate building at the end of Atomitie. Reception office is open on weekdays from 7:00 until 15:00. At the start of annual outages, the reception office is also open at specified times.

Loviisa nuclear plant in the autumn

Prepare to present at the reception office

  • Passport or ID card (not a drivers licence)
  • Occupational Safety card
  • Company ID card with personal tax number


When starting work

• Health inspection for those who work in the radiation controlled area (RCA)
• Inspection of all chemicals and materials
• General employee training

At the reception office you receive

• ID card
• Necessary equipment (phone, keys)
• Guides and information bulletins

The power plant will provide the following when necessary

• Access rights for the information system
• Plant telephone (DECT)

At the end of a working period

Return the following
• The dosimeter to the radiation protection staff’s office
• Tools to the tool warehouse
• Other borrowed items
To the reception office:
• ID card
• Keys
• Telephone

Familiarise yourself also with our Code of Conduct.

Loviisa employees walking

Arriving to the power plant

General employee training

More about training
Loviisa employee safety

Corona safety at the power plant

Corona preparedness and safety

More about safety
Nuclear power

Loviisa nuclear power plant