eSite’s reality capture improves nuclear facility planning, maintenance and decommissioning

“Inaccurate drawings as well as constantly changing environments increase risks in nuclear projects.”


Using reality capture to enable virtual visits reduce financial risks and improve safety to the plant owners and to those working at the plant. Virtual visit are not limited by radiation or by other conditions at the plant and entering areas that would otherwise be only accessible during the outage is possible 24/7. This way the planning phase of a project can be performed mainly remotely. For example, planning outage works is easier and more accurate with the help of virtual visits. Virtual visits with contractors also help in receiving competitive tenders for projects where site works play a big part. eSiteview also makes communication run smoothly between the plant personnel and other interested parties. This is especially the case now that business travel is limited.

These same advantages apply to decommissioning projects. The typical situation is that the input documentation is of poor quality and planning is often based on assumptions – that are often proven wrong: old and inaccurate drawings are used, equipment is continuously dismantled, structures are demolished and radiation conditions change. Careful planning should the key for successful and safe decommissioning.

“Fortum has worked out the sweet spot for accuracy, cost, time and safety when collecting input data for nuclear decommissioning”

Miko Olkkonen, Head of eSite, Fortum

Latest development in reality capture has changed the way how we can execute nuclear projects: shorter time spent at the field, more extensive coverage and higher accuracy of the 3D point clouds, more photorealistic 360 images. Systematic development and use of latest reality capture technologies at Loviisa NPP outages and in FiR1 decommissioning and Fortum’s other decommissioning projects in the Swedish NPP’s has given Fortum world class competence and references for delivering reality capture services for nuclear projects around the world.

If you are interested in learning more about the sweet spot for reality capture in nuclear projects contact Otso Manninen (otso [dot] manninen [at] fortum [dot] com) or Jere Luukkanen (jere [dot] luukkanen [at] fortum [dot] com). They will give you more information about eSite solutions and our reference cases from nuclear facilities. Alternatively, you can fill in the information box below and we will contact you and deliver our white paper on reality capture in nuclear industry.

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