EVs in the Arctic

15 March 2019

Ever wondered what would happen if a bunch of electric vehicles spent the weekend in one of the northernmost ski resorts in the world on an ice track and in a drive-in movie? We’re going to find out!

The Tesla Club of Finland is organizing a club meeting from April 4 – 7th in the Finnish ski resort of Levi. Levi is located over 100km north of the arctic circle, so while April in Paris may have chestnuts in bloom, Levi is April is still blanketed in deep winter snow. 

We are joining the Tesla Club of Finland for an electrified weekend including EVs on an ice-track, discussing e-mobility with “Tesla Bjorn” Nyland, and arranging the snowiest Arctic electric vehicle drive-in the world has ever seen!  

Fortum Charge & Drive will be available to answer all your questions about EV charging and there will be an opportunity for anyone to test-drive the Audi e-Tron and the Tesla Model 3, proving yet again that EVs are awesome winter cars, and showcasing some of the northernmost EV chargers in the world! 

About Tesla Club Finland

The Tesla Club of Finland is an active community of people interested in Tesla electric cars. The club organizes gatherings, disseminates information about electric car driving, and are involved in the electronic revolution of movement. The Tesla Club of Finland community members have hundreds of Tesla Model S, Model X, Model 3 and Roadster cars in daily use, the first of which have been running since late 2013. The club as an accumulated knowledge of millions electronic kilometers, and they share this experience with all those interested.

Tesla Club Finland Website

About EV Drive-Ins

Fortum Charge & Drive has been organising electric vehicle drive-ins since 2018. The popularity of the events has been a delight, as the active community of EV drivers and enthusiasts gather to share an evening together. The films are shown from a LED display rigged to a truck, and the audio is broadcast on a radio frequency that the vehicles tune into. In the middle of winter, electric cars can leaven their “engines running” to heat the cabin, without any worry of smoggy emissions or the disturbance of engine noise! 
Image: Tesla Club Finland

About "Tesla Bjørn" Nyland

“Tesla Bjorn” Nyland is a Norwegian Tesla enthusiast, with a YouTube channel of e-mobility and Tesla videos that have been viewed over 56 million times. His channel has 133 000 subscribers and he is one of the most recognized and influential Tesla enthusiasts in the world.

Tesla Bjørn YouTube Channel