Basic application information required can be found in the application form (doc 49 kB). To speed up and make the application process more flexible the Foundation asks applicants to send the application form both by ordinary mail properly signed and by e-mail.

In addition to the application form the Foundation requires the following:

  • a solid research and financial plan
  • a written statement about the application by the supervisor
  • in the case of project scholarships (A) buying equipment, chemicals and other materials requires that these are used in work related to the focus areas of the Foundation and support ongoing activities already financially supported by the foundation through personal scholarships.
  • in the case of personal scholarships (B3), e.g. conference participations and the like, it is required that it is related to the Foundations focus areas and/or be part of basic or graduate studies already supported by the Foundation.

The research and financial plan, the letter of recommendation from the institute where the work is performed as well as other possible letters of recommendation can be freely written and added as attachments to the application form.

The application should be sent to the Foundation under address:

Fortum Foundation
00048 FORTUM (Finland)

All applications and related attachments are treated confidentially. The application is not returned to the submitter.