Foundation's Scholarships

Scholarship categories

A. Individual scholarships
A1. Scholarships for basic studies (M.Sc.)
A2. Scholarships for graduate studies (Lic., Ph.D)
A3. Other personal scholarships


OBS! The recipients of grants or scholarships must take out insurance if they work uninterruptedly for at least four months with a grant or scholarship awarded from Finland after 1st of Jan. 2009. The main rule is, that the grant recipient should work in Finland, but not as an employee to the grant issuer. Converted into annual earnings, the grant or scholarship awarded for artistic or scientific work must amount to at least € 3,280.47 (2009 level). The insurance can only be granted to persons between 18 and 67 years of age and who are not already recipients of an old age pension.

The insurance obligation also applies to work performed in a working group, if the share payable to the individual recipient of the group’s joint grant or scholarship meets the insurance criteria. The head of the working group must report the names of the working group members to Mela. The insurance application must be made within three months from the beginning of the grant or scholarship work period. The insurance can start only once the decision of awarding the grant or scholarship has been made. The application can be made electronically by logging into the Mela e-services, or by filling in the application on the Mela Internet site. A separate application must be made for every grant or scholarship meeting the insurance criteria. Level of insurance cover depends on the sum of the grant or scholarship The insurance cover only applies to working with the grant or scholarship. If a part of the grant or scholarship is meant to cover the expenses incurred for the work in question, these expenses must be specified in the application.

The earnings constituting the basis for the insurance will be determined on the basis of a grant or scholarship for the work proper. For example, a 40,000 € grant for two years’ work means that the annual earnings are 20,000 €. If 4,000 € of the total sum is used to cover work expenses, the annual earnings are 18,000 €. Most of the benefits derived from the insurance are determined on the basis of the annual earnings, including the allowances paid by the Social Insurance Institution Kela, such as the national maternity allowance and parental allowance. (For more information see

A1. Scholarships for undergraduate studies

A personal scholarship can be awarded for undergraduate studies (M.Sc. or similar) done at a university or technical university in Finland. The area of study must meet the Foundation's purpose. The scholarship is 8 000 euro. It is paid in two installments. The first installment of 6 000 euro is paid when a notice of starting the work has been received by the Foundation. The second installment of 2000 euro is paid when the scholarship holder has sent written proof to the Foundation that the work has been completed. A written statement by the supervisor is also required.

A2. Scholarships for graduate studies

A personal scholarship for graduate studies in Finland or abroad can be awarded if the work fulfills the purpose of the Foundation and the applicant has finished her/his undergraduate work and the purpose of the graduate studies is to complete either a licentiate or a doctoral degree. The scholarship is intended for fulltime work towards the exam. The scholarship is 18 000 per year for studies in Finland. In case of studies at a foreign university or technical university additional financing can be applied for to cover costs for travel and living expenses.

The Foundation can award a B2 scholarship for a maximum of three years for a licentiate degree and for a maximum of four years for a doctoral degree. The scholarship is awarded for one year. To be able to continue be awarding the following years scholarship the Foundation requires a written annual progress report along with a written statement by the supervisor that the work is progressing according to the research plan submitted with the application.

The scholarship is paid in monthly installments of 1500 euro during 12 months. The monthly installments are initiated when the Foundation has received a notice of starting the work. In the case of B2-scholarships the last two installments are paid when either an annual progress report has been submitted or proof of completion of the studies has been submitted to the Foundation.

Persons applying for a B2 scholarship are also eligible to apply for overhead expenses paid to the institution where the work is done to an amount of 20% of the personal scholarship.

Persons awarded B2 scholarships can also apply for an additional scholarship of ca 320 euro to cover life and sickness insurance costs during the course of study. The scholarship student must personally apply for the insurance by reading the insurance guidelines and filling out the application form below.

A3.  Other personal scholarships

Other personal scholarships can be awarded in one installment or in smaller installments for personal projects related to the energy area, e.g., writing of books, printing costs for dissertations, participations in conferences and the like.

Personal scholarships can also be applied for by a supervisor for a student who has not been chosen at the time of the application (NN). In such cases the scope of the work and the competence requirements of the student to be chosen must be given. The scholarship will be activated when the person to perform the work for which the scholarship has been applied for has been chosen. If the Foundation has not received a notice of the chosen person during the calendar year the scholarship has been awarded it will be withdrawn.