Legal Rights and Responsibilities of Scholarship Student

​Since the scholarship student is not employed by the Foundation, the scholarship does not include social security costs. The student must personally apply for pension insurance, life- and sickness insurances as well as other liabilities towards the employer. The scholarships are non-taxable to an amount of ca 18 000 euro annually (situation 2010).

The recipients of grants or scholarships must take out insurance if they work uninterruptedly for at least four months with a grant or scholarship awarded from Finland after 1st of Jan. 2009. The main rule is that the grant recipient should work in Finland, but not as an employee to the grant issuer. Converted into annual earnings, the grant or scholarship awarded for artistic or scientific work must amount to at least € 3,280.47 (2009 level). The insurance can only be granted to persons between 18 and 67 years of age and who are not already recipients of an old age pension (

The scholarship student is responsible to inform the Foundation immediately if the work financed by a scholarship by the Foundation is fully or partly terminated for one month or more or changed in relation to the submitted research plan. In such cases the Foundation stops the payments. If the scholarship student does not submit a new notification of continuation of the work the scholarship will be terminated and the Foundation holds the right to reimburse the already paid amount from the scholarship student.