Fortum Foundation

Promoting energy competence - with the objective to support industry and commerce


The Foundation's purpose is to support research, education and development in natural, technical and economical sciences within the energy area. The Foundation's focus areas within the energy area are energy production and use as well as clean energy solutions for traffic.

To fulfill its purpose, the Foundation can grant scholarships, honorary awards and the like or by other economical means support the development of the energy area. The Foundation can also practice information and publication activities. Scholarships can be awarded for specifically defined purposes related to the energy area. The Foundation might also approve multiannual scholarships for the completion of graduate studies. In 2011 the Foundation awards ca 700 000 Euros including also previously approved multi-annual scholarships. The precise focus areas of the Foundation have been laid out in the presentation given by Jouni Keronen on September 7, 2011.

Latest application round

In the application round of October 2011, the foundation received 147 applications, totalling to an amount of over €4 million. The scholarships were awarded at the Fortum Headquarters on 6 March 2012.  The foundation approved 40 new applications, €544,000 in total. In the honor of  the design year 2012, Marianna Merenmies, an awardee, gave presentation on sustainable car design. Ms. Merenmies is doing her thesis in London  Royal College of Art. In 2011 she was one of  the finalists in Ferrari World Design competition. The chairman of the Fortum Foundation Board, CEO Tapio Kuula, was satisfied for high quality applications. "Fortum Foundation has an important role in developing new sustainable energy solutions", Mr. Kuula says. 

Fortum Foundation Scholarship Recipients 2012 in a Group Photo

Changed schedules and scholarship categories, and other news

In January 2012, the Board of Directors of the Foundation decided on the following changes:

Annual cycle. The application period for scholarships and the time of awarding will be changed so that, from now on, a full-scale application round will be organised in April and decisions on the scholarships will be made by mid-June. A limited application round will take place in October. However, he limited application round will not be organised in 2012. The awards ceremony for the scholarships of the April 2012 application round will take place on 28 August between 3 pm and 4:30 pm CET at the Fortum Headquarters Auditorium.

Scholarship categories. Project scholarships (A) will no longer be granted. The B1 and B2 scholarship categories will be retained. In the B3 scholarship category, the option of applying for a scholarship for a non-specified person will be discontinued. To replace the discontinued scholarship categories, a decision was made to introduce a grant for visits by foreign professors in Finland or visits by Finnish professors abroad.  In 2012, this grant will be piloted so that the applications must be submitted in the April application round and grants will be awarded to one or two applicants. Based on the experiences received, a decision will be made on whether or not this grant becomes permanent.

Insurance package. In the April application round, we will introduce a slightly renewed package. Instructions will be provided when the new application round opens.

Life’s Work Award for a distinguished professor. Proposals will be collected by the beginning of May, and one professor will be awarded at the awards ceremony in August.

Data system. A new data system will be acquired to the foundation, and applicants will enter their data directly into the database. The aim is to have it available in the April application round.

Next search for scholarships will start 2.4.2012 and end 23.4.2012 4 pm. The access to new search database will be arranged via Foundation internet pages.  When this new system  is in use, we will no more accepts applications send on paper or via email. Further instructions will also be published on 2.4.2012. Focus areas will remain the same.