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Are you a forward thinker with a mind-blowing idea, but missing the resources or team to make it happen? We’re looking forward to meeting you. Let’s combine our forces and build a cleaner world together. Fortum Forward is a goal-driven 8-week program that offers you the opportunity to create your own startup with our support and world-class resources.



We’re looking for individuals or teams who are capable of driving idea development and are eager to create impactful solutions for a cleaner world.   

24 February – 24 March Application period
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You can apply by submitting your idea below. Please describe your idea as concretely as possible by answering the questions in the submission form. The idea doesn’t have to be fully formed – we’ll work together to develop your idea forward.

25 March – 2 April Evaluation period
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All applications will be reviewed by Fortum experts and the forward-thinking ideas with the most potential will be invited to the online concept creation stage.

3 April – 10 April Online concept creation period
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Applicants will be invited to online concept creation, where they will be asked to provide more details about their idea via our online platform. Applicants can also reserve a 30-minute remote sparring session with Fortum experts. 

Final Selections by the end of April
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Following the submission of applications to Fortum Forward program, Fortum's experts evaluate the applications and select a limited number of potential candidates for selection to the program to continue the application process. If you are selected, you will be requested to continue your application by describing your idea in more detail in Fortum's online platform. Fortum will make final decisions on who proceeds to the program after evaluating the complete applications and, optionally, after interviews with the selected applicants. If you are selected to the program, Fortum will notify you and you will enter into a separate agreement with Fortum specifying the terms relating to your participation in the program.


Please describe your proposal as concretely as possible by answering the question in submission form. The proposal doesn't have to be ready - we will develop them forward together. Submit it now

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The Kick-off

The program starts with the joint kick-off where all the innovators will meet each other. 

During the program

In the 8-week intense and goal-driven program the participants, together with Fortum experts, will create a business concept and plan for how to experiment it. 


At the end of the program, teams will pitch their iterated concepts to a panel of Fortum decision-makers for the chance to gain continuation with Fortum’s support.

HOW ONE WORLD-CHANGING IDEA WENT FORWARD, the world’s first marketplace for carbon removal, is a great reference for how Fortum has helped a cutting-edge idea take shape. This internal startup was born when co-founder Antti Vihavainen pitched the idea to Fortum’s CTO, Heli Antila. Quickly, Heli understood its potential and gathered a team of Fortum experts to support Antti on his mission.  In the video, the founders of the share their story: 

How one world-changing idea went forward


What is Fortum?
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We are a leading clean-energy company developing and offering solutions for our customers in electricity, heating, cooling, as well as solutions to improve resource efficiency. We also provide services for the power generation industry and solutions for consumers so that they can be smarter in their energy choices. 

Our vision For a cleaner world is grounded in our ambition to drive the change towards a low-emission energy system and optimal energy and resource efficiency. Our main tools in climate change mitigation are increasing the renewable energy production, improving energy efficiency and providing smart energy solutions for our customers. 


What´s in it for me?
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You’ll have the opportunity to create your own startup with our support and world-class resources. If you are selected to the program, Fortum's aim is to support the co-creation and development of your idea by, for example, providing relevant industry know-how, coaching, and expertise during the program. In addition, Fortum may offer office space and other tools and templates that may be beneficial to you to develop the idea further.

If you are selected to the program and enter into an agreement with Fortum, Fortum will pay you a total compensation of EUR 10 000 (ten thousand euros) for the work conducted during the program period of two (2) months. The compensation is a total lump-sum compensation independent of whether you participate as an individual or as a team or as a start-up.

How can I apply?
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You can apply by submitting your idea here by the 24th March. Please describe your idea as concretely as possible by answering the questions in the submission form. The idea doesn’t have to be fully formed – we’ll work together to develop your idea further.  

Proposals are evaluated and taken forward to the program on a continuous basis so you should apply as soon as possible. The final deadline for submissions is the 24th March, 2020. After that, the submission period will close and Fortum experts will select the best ideas to take forward. 

Who can apply?
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You may apply to the program individually or on behalf of a team or an early-phase start-up. To apply and participate in the program (if selected), you personally and each member of your team/start-up must be at least eighteen (18) years of age.

How are applications evaluated?
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Fortum experts evaluate proposals based on three criteria:  

  • Capability of the founder or team to drive the development from an idea to new business 

  • Market size and growth are attractive enough 

  • Fit with Fortum strategy and/or future growth 

What happens if I’m selected for the program?
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Once you are selected to participate in the actual program and you enter into an agreement with Fortum concerning the program, we will explore opportunities to co-create and develop your idea further, possibly towards a working business concept, innovative products, or solutions. You are expected to be dedicated to developing the idea during the two (2) month period of the program to ensure the most successful outcome for your participation.

For the two month program period, you will get a 8-week plan outlining what needs to be done in order for the idea to go forward. We will provide you with relevant industry know-how, coaching and expertise, and possibly offer office space and other tools and templates, during the program to ensure the most successful outcome for your participation.

What happens after the program is completed?
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At the end of the program, you and Fortum will jointly decide whether to continue the co-operation, e.g. as a contract-based project, co-creation project, or a fixed term consultancy agreement. The approach is negotiated on a case-by-case basis after the program and concluded with a separate agreement. 

If we jointly decide to continue co-operation, and your business concept is at a stage where you need to start scaling up, you can join our Accelerator where you will get more coaching and guidance on business planning and strategy, fund raising, product roadmap, recruiting etc. to accelerate your growth.

Who owns the IPR?
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With respect to Intellectual Property Rights, each party retains all right, title, and interest in and to all of its Intellectual Property Rights existing at the time of submission of the application ("Background IP"). No rights or licenses to any Background IP are granted to the other Party save as expressly otherwise agreed between the parties in writing. Fortum shall own any output and Intellectual Property Rights developed or created, or otherwise coming into existence as a result of any activities, by either party during the program ("Foreground IP") unless you and Fortum agree otherwise in writing. No rights to any Intellectual Property Rights of Fortum are transferred to you.

It is of utmost importance to Fortum that you provide to Fortum only ideas and other materials that are your own and to which you have all the necessary rights to. You warrant that the idea and any other materials or ideas you submit or otherwise provide to Fortum in connection with the Fortum Forward program do not infringe any Intellectual Property Rights or any other rights of, or misappropriate any trade secrets of, a third party.

More information about IPR, and before submitting your application, please read carefully Fortum Forward General Terms and Conditions.


Please contact us at forward [at] fortum [dot] com (forward[at]fortum[dot]com)