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We need to take better care of our common mother, Mother Earth. We need to change so that future generations will inherit a better world than the one we live in today.

At Fortum, we are already driving the change towards cleaner energy, decarbonization, and more sustainable use of natural resources. We invest in CO2-free energy production. We develop ways to improve and optimize existing energy production. And we turn waste into value, reducing the need to drain Mother Earth of its finite resources.

All this is good, but good alone won’t suffice. We need you as well. We want you to believe in tomorrow, to make a difference. Have a look – from carbon-free electricity and smarter heating to sustainable waste solutions, there are plenty of things with which you can help Mother Earth.

We invite you to join the change for a cleaner world.


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We accelerate the transition to a clean energy future by investing heavily in CO2-free production, and we also help our customers and stakeholders in reducing their emissions. Our customers can, for example, buy emission-free electricity or solar power systems to their homes from us.

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Our business revolves around decarbonisation. Since we still depend on carbon-based energy, we also make existing production more efficient and environmentally sound. Where revolution is not possible, evolution is key.

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We aim to turn waste into new raw materials and keep them in circulation and utilised again and again. Our high-grade recycled plastic helps companies reduce their carbon footprint. In addition, we also research new ways to use biomass.

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