Tanjung Jati B, Indonesia, TOPi® system delivery 2011–2012

Fortum’s TOPi® Process Information and Optimization was chosen to ensure the plant’s top notch performance.


Description of the project

Commercial operation of the Tanjung Jati power plant started in 2006 with Units 1 & 2. They were followed by Unit 3 in November 2011 and Unit 4 in January 2012. The Units 1 & 2 have B&W Carolina type pulverized coal fired boilers and Toshiba tandem compound steam turbines. The electrical efficiency of the plant is between 37–39% and it is among the most competitive power plants in Indonesia. Fortum launched TOPi® Process Information and Optimization System in late 2011 to Units 1 & 2 fo the Tanjung Jati B power plant.

TOPi® System delivery to Tanjung Jati B included an IP.21 database with 5000 variables and data collection from five automation systems via OPC. Various process and performance calculations were performed cyclically as well as the number of startups and operation time calculation. The plant personnel and Fortum experts created multiple process displays with KPI indicators. TOPi® System stores data utilizing a packing algorithm which enables 10 years of stored history of all values. The delivery of TOPi® System took nine months from the kickoff meeting to the acceptance of delivery.

Customer benefits

Fortum has delivered TOPi® System to dozens of locations around the world and has a comprehensive experience of various types and sizes of power plants. Thanks to its modular nature, TOPi® can be flexibly configured to suit customer’s individual needs. With TOPi® System customer is able to achieve savings in every aspect of daily operations and maximize plant’s efficiency.


  • Power Plant: Coal fired condensing power plant
  • Plant owner: PT. Central Jawa Power with long term leasing agreement with the state owned PT. PLN (Pesero)
  • Location: Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia
  • Power output: 2 x 660 MWe
  • Commercial operation: since 2006
  • Customer: PT. TJB Power Services
  • Project duration: 11/2011–07/2012
  • Services: TOPi® Process Information and Optimization System

"TOPi® is an important tool in the efforts to continuously improve the plant's operational efficiency. E.g. KPI indicators help operators in plant maintenance and optimal running. Flexible, easy to use trending tools make analysis of disturbances and plant behaviour much easier."

Ari Frantsi, Station manager, PT TJB Power Services


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