Multiple TOPI® projects at Suomenoja 2004–2017

TOPi® Process Information and Optimization System is comprehensively used at Suomenoja power plant – one of the Fortum’s biggest CHP plants in Finland.

Suomenoja CHP plant

Description of the project

TOPi® Process Information and Optimization System has been used at Suomenoja power plant since 2004, when it was still owned by E.ON Finland Oy. The TOPi® system at Suomenoja has gone through multiple enlargements, the last connecting also the Järvenpää power plant to the system.

Suomenoja power plant has in total five units. The oldest was built in 1977 and the newest in 2009. The power plant utilizes coal and natural gas as sources of energy. The plant supplies district heat for the residents of Espoo, Kauniainen and Kirkkonummi and also delivers electricity to the national grid.

The TOPi® scope at Suomenoja includes an IP.21 database with 10500 variables, numerous process displays and separate tools for reporting, visualizing operating points and operational economy. The system also incorporates integrated plant performance calculations and simulations as well as calculations for the number of start-ups and operating times for various components. Together with the plant personnel KPI indicators and emissions monitoring have been continuously improved.

The cooperation with the Suomenoja power plant has been excellent throughout the years. Prime example of this is the development of TOPi® Operational Economy (OE) tool that started from the plant’s need to enhance their operational economy even further. Together with the plant personnel a tool was developed that allows the operators to easily follow key operating parameters. The results have been excellent and the new tool has allowed Suomenoja power plant to achieve significant savings in their daily operations.

Customer benefits

The TOPi® system has been delivered to dozens of locations around the world and thus Fortum has comprehensive experience of various types and sizes of power plants. Thanks to its modular nature, TOPi® can be flexibly configured to suit the customer’s individual needs. With the TOPi® system the customer is able to achieve savings in every aspect of their daily operations and thus maximize the efficiency of their plant.

Power Plant: Combined heat and power (CHP) plant
Location: Espoo, Finland
Power output: 359 MWe and 554 MWth
Yearly production: 1800 GWh of electricity and 2200 GWh of heat
Commercial operation: since 1977
Customer: Fortum Power and Heat Oy
Project duration: 2004 (on-going)
Services: TOPi® Process Information and Optimization System

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