Fortum's TOPi Browser delivery to Kotka Energia in Finland

Kotka Energia story picture

Fortum's information system gives extra boost for energy and process management of Kotkan Energia in Finland

Fortum had been awarded a contract for an update to their TOPi by Kotkan Energia Oy energy company in January 2017. ​The project work was executed on schedule and Kotkan Energia took the new system in use in May 2017. The TOPi project succeeded thanks to the long-term cooperation between Kotkan Energia and Fortum as well as the project team members' strong expertise and knowledge of energy and IT.

How does the customer benefit from Fortum's project? 

The new system architecture increases the flexibility of use, provides easy access to the system everywhere from the company's network and makes the maintenance more effective. In addition, the new interface is modern and easy-to-use.

"The update project went well and on schedule. The cooperation with Fortum worked very well. Thanks to the Browser update, the remote login operations were considerably enhanced which was important for Kotkan Energia. In addition, the  user interface was clarified and it is easy to use." 
Janne Saarela, Energy Manager, Kotkan Energia


What is Fortum's TOPi Browser tool?

TOPi Browser is an easy-to-use web browser tool including reports, trends, process displays and special applications for visualizing KPI values and measurements. It belongs to the product family of the TOPi energy management system.

What is Fortum's delivery for Kotka Energia Oy?   

The TOPi system user interface of Kotkan Energia was changed to web-based UI during the update project made by Fortum.

The following applications were selected for the user interface:

  • Report for reporting, modification of the database values and recalculations

  • Balancer for production planning, sending the production plan and viewing the economic situation

  • Calendar for viewing and modifying special days of energy management system

  • ProView for viewing and drawing process displays

  • Main user's tools like user management

  • Help for viewing e.g. manuals and calculation descriptions

The following well-tried features, already part of the TOPi system, were naturally maintained during the update project:

  • All tags are saved in the database and their values are easy to view in even several years' time. The values are constantly updated in both database and user interface; therefore the users have always the access to the fresh and accurate data.

  • The calculations are automatic (cycles e.g. 1 min, 10 min, 1 h) and their results are both historic and forecast values. The users are also able to start the calculations manually.

  • Data transfer is automatic but it can also be started manually. Well-made data transfer enables the users to concentrate on the power  
    plant process so they don't have to write or copy values from system to system or e.g. from excel sheet to excel sheet.

  • The users can easily modify TOPi reports, process displays, calculations etc. after a short training; The experts of Fortum Power
    Solutions are also ready to help when needed.

 If this is of interested, please contact: Tobias Mehnert, Sales and Marketing Manager, +358 40 703 8139