Fortum eNext introducing technology for NOx reduction in India

eNext on the road in India

Fortum India organised two expert seminars to power plant customers in May 2018 in India. This roadshow in Mumbai and Delhi was a significant opportunity for Fortum eNext to introduce its solutions and technology for NOx reduction. The seminars were also excellent events to the customers looking for a solution to meet new emission regulations.

Our experts of combustion technology kept presentations of our customised combustion solutions and products which covers the whole turnkey project from process design to implementation and operation.

"Ultimate target to these seminars was to take customers through the process of NOx reduction of any kind of thermal power plant. We show how they can bring down from the existing high level of NOx emissions to lower levels to comply with latest norms of compliance to Indian regulations. Indian Central Pollution Control Board for Thermal Power Plants in the utility and Industry sector is the authority which prescribes these regulations", says Kari Lahti, Head of Performance, Fortum eNext.

Fortum eNext has an unique position to offer the state-of-art low-NOx combustion know-how and technology in India based on our 30 years' experience on low-NOx combustion refurbishment of pulverised coal fired coal combustion plants.

We work together towards a cleaner world by building immediate environmental solutions before the long-term investments to renewable production are in place.

Further information: Kari Lahti, Head of Environmental Performance, Fortum eNext,
tel.+358 50 453 2777

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