eFleetly battery fleet management solution helps forklift manufactures to maximize battery lifetime

26 November 2020, 10:25 EET

eFleetly for forklift battery life management

With a growing number of vehicles and devices running on electricity, we are facing new challenges. The increasing need for batteries consumes enormous amounts of rare metals. Availability of these metals can become real bottleneck for electrification and the increasing use of renewable energy sources. “As the pioneers of electrification based on renewables, this is a challenge we need to resolve. We need an efficient life cycle for batteries”, emphasizes Tero Holländer, Head of Business Line, Batteries, Fortum Recycling & Waste.

The urgency for new solutions addressing the identified challenges throughout the battery lifecycle is undisputed. With its unwavering commitment to sustainability, eFleetly strives to be part of the solution. “eFleetly creates value by allowing more efficient use of first-life batteries as well as by extending their lifetime. In addition, eFleetly provides Fortum a valuable data and access to more end-of-life batteries for recycling”, Tero points out.

Started in 2019 as an innovation project under the Innovation & Venturing Services, eFleetly has evolved into an internal startup and is currently operating as a part of Valkea Growth Club. eFleetly is a solution focusing on quality, innovation, and a more sustainable future, and it provides cutting-edge benefits for forklift manufacturers and warehouse operators in the management of their electric forklift batteries.

The eFleetly battery fleet management solution is designed to increase electric forklift uptime by optimizing battery charging potential and warehouse forklift fleets in their maintenance initiatives, while increasing battery lifetime through abuse reduction. This is done by significantly increasing battery lifecycle capabilities to new industry standards.

Gaining the advantages of performance-enhanced forklift fleets, eFleetly customers maximize their end-to-end potential with healthier batteries that push the boundaries of battery lifecycle standards, thus generating less forklift downtime, increased cost-savings in battery replacement expenses and better service for their own clients. “We focus on how our customers connect and interact with their forklift fleet. This is why we keep innovation, resource efficiency through battery optimization and sustainability design at the absolute core of everything we create and offer”, describes Naba Kumar, the Founder of eFleetly. He continues: “After all, the more we can reduce the demand for newly-manufactured batteries, the less chemical waste we are creating, as we aim to build a greener and more sustainable tomorrow. We are making these impacts on the environment every day — something we are very proud of.”

The eFleetly offering has been developed as part of a collaborative and strategic partnership comprising of Fortum, a material-handling company Logisnext Finland, battery analytics provider Bamomas, and a leading Nordic software and services company TietoEVRY. “We all share a common vision of innovation for customer value, as well as a cleaner and more sustainable planet”, concludes Outi Kettunen, Director of Business Development and Sustainability at Logisnext Finland, when discussing the incentives for the collaboration.

The pilot with first customer being soon completed, eFleetly is looking forward to beginning its sales operations first in Finland and later in rest of Europe. “Fresh and young as our accomplishments are, we celebrate them and are proud of where we are heading along with our customers”, Naba cherishes.