Mastering the instrument

Triinu Piirsalu playing violin

Talented students in Sibelius Academy - a part of Uniarts of Helsinki, Finland- have a possibility to borrow our Jean Baptiste Vuillaume violin and Noel Burke bow for some years to help them in their studies to become a professional artist. Both the violin and the bow have had several talented users over the years. 

Currently Sibelius Academy student Triinu Piirsalu plays the violin. In the video below Triinu Piirsalu plays a traditional folk tune by Katherine Anne Hurdley with the violin.

Triinu also participated "Classical Stars" -competition, which was broadcasted on the Estonian National Television in 2020. 

Aino Yamaguchi from the Junior Academy is playing with the bow.

Photo: Kroot Tarkmeel

Mastering the instrument - Triinu Piirsalu