Mother earth record


The first Mother Earth Record, a new kitesurfing world record, was set in the Nordics on August 19th. Three kitesurfers surfed 316 km crossing the Baltic sea in a bit over 13 hours, purely powered by the wind.

The world’s first Mother Earth Record


The new kitesurfing world record is also the world’s first Mother Earth Record. Three kitesurfers, Juuso Tilaeus, Mikael Hyryläinen and Pekka Rintala surfed 316 km across the Baltic Sea from Sandhamn, Sweden to Hanko, Finland in May breaking the previous 279,46 km world record of three surfers’ simultaneous kitesurfing. The record was set completely powered by the wind.



Mother Earth Records is a new world record initiative that only lists achievements powered by the forces of nature and clean energy. World records have a long history in finding out what people are capable of achieving. However, world records could play an even bigger role in shifting our perception of what is possible. Mother Earth Records focuses on actually meaningful achievements that support the development of society and respect the environment. The initiative is started by Finnish clean energy company Fortum.



All three kitesurfers are experienced sportsmen and members of Finnish water sports center Laguuni.

Otso has been kiteboarding for eight years. He has spent his whole life at sea and fresh archipelago air makes him happy. Juuso currently holds two kitesurfing world records. The diversity of the sport and the feeling of freedom fascinate him. Pekka is the Finnish Champion of Freestyle Kitesurfing. Kitesurfing allows him to combine his three absolute favourites: sports, ocean and nature.



Fortum is a leading clean energy company that wants to engage its customers and the society to join the change for a cleaner world. Fortum will build Finland’s first big wind farm in Närpiö by 2021. Fortum initiated Mother Earth Records to increase the meaningfulness of world records by emphasizing achievements that are truly progressive and respect the environment. Fortum started its work with sustainable world records already in May 2018 by supporting the solar powered wakeboarding world record. Read more about Solar Powered Watersports.