Chelyabinsk CHP-1

The CHP plant Chelyabinsk CHP-1, in Russia, was commissioned in 1942 and has a total capacity of 83.8 MW.

Chelyabinsk CHP-1

In 2014, an upgrade of Chelyabinsk CHP-1 was completed with the commissioning of two CCGT units with a total capacity of 83.8 MW. The implementation of advanced solutions increased the plant's efficiency to 50 %. Chelyabinsk CHP-1 provides for one fifth of the demand for the co-generation heat in Chelyabinsk. The plant uses natural gas and coal as fuel.


PAO Fortum, Chelyabinsk CHP-1

Power Plant Manager: Yuriy Fanin
Kopeiskoe Shosse 40
454119 Chelyabinsk, Russia
Tel: +7 351 255 2359