Stronger together

Bio2X works closely with its partner network. As bio-based value chains are long, cross-disciplinary skills and capabilities are of high importance. Finding the winning overall concept requires finding the right partners to turn ideas into reality.

image of puzzle pieces coming together

Collaboration between Bio2X, technology providers, industrial manufacturers and customers has already proven the usability of Bio2X raw materials in multiple applications. The raw materials can be used in established manufacturing processes, sometimes even as drop-in solutions.

At the same time, novel innovative applications and emerging technologies are constantly being studied and developed to fulfil the growing demand for biomaterials. Our active collaboration with development laboratories, universities and research institutes helps in commercializing the best ideas faster.


Currently our biggest R&D project is ExpandFibre – an R&D collaboration, led by Fortum and Metsä Group, with a vibrant ecosystem of industrial and academic members.

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