Battery-related businesses at Fortum

Batteries play a significant role in several businesses at Fortum

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Fortum’s battery-related businesses

Recycling & Waste

We provide safe and efficient recycling and waste management services for all kinds of waste materials. Our aim is to turn waste into new raw material whenever possible. When not feasible, we remove the hazardous materials from circulation and ensure safe final disposal of the materials.

Spring Virtual Battery

Together with thousands of customers, we commercially operate the largest Virtual Battery in the Nordics. No matter the size, we make our customers’ assets automatically work for the environment in a profitable way with the Virtual Battery.

Solar Solutions

Growth in solar power is one of our strategic development areas, and we are investing in solar projects worldwide. We have solar energy solutions for private and business customers.

Charge & Drive Vehicle Charging

We make it easy to use electric vehicles, operate and grow charging networks, and move towards a cleaner world.  If your business involves EV charging, Fortum Charge & Drive has the solution.

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