Inspection, maintenance and cleansing services

We offer inspection, maintenance and cleansing services to make waste management as easy as possible. Well-functioning and safe equipment is of utmost importance in waste management.

Cost efficient
Economical benefits

Get more value from well-maintained equipment.

Environmental friendly
Environmental benefits

We provide safe waste management and extend your equipment’s lifecycle.

Safety benefits

We keep your container in proper shape.

Inspection, maintenance and cleansing services

Officially authorised services

Regular service of separators secures the uninterrupted functioning of separator wells. Our maintenance service includes surveys and inspections, measurements of the amounts of sand, water, solvent, oil, and bottom sludge, the emptying of layers, the transport of waste, and the documents required by the regulations.

The maintenance service is suitable for separator wells for sand, oil, fat or detergents, for activities of all sizes -from the measurement field to large industrial buildings.

Oil tank maintenance

We offer a comprehensive maintenance service from the emptying and washing of containers to the final inspection. The washing of containers is done in cooperation with our partners. Our collaborative network allows us to serve our customers efficiently and flexibly even during times of high demand.

Scheduled maintenance of IBC packagings

Did you know, that UN-approved IBC packagings for the transport of hazardous materials must be inspected at a VAK inspection institution – and approved by a supervisory body at intervals of 2.5 years or less?

Our officially authorised maintenance service inspects and services IBC packagings. With the help of our service you will be able to keep your container in proper shape throughout their lifespan.

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