Advanced digital solutions for power plant perfection

Over the years, Fortum eNext has consistently developed digital tools to support both our own assets as well as our customers’ O&M sites. Therefore, we understand the relevance of advanced digital technologies for the power plant’s efficient operations.

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Advanced digital solutions for O&M excellence and plant performance
Fortum eNext offers advanced digital solutions for power plants

Digital solutions and operational excellence go hand in hand

Digitalisation is progressing at a fast pace in the energy sector: power production has become highly volatile, and there is a need for improved security, flexibility and efficiency. AI and machine learning tools, together with broader data storage options, intensify the digital transformation even more.

While digital technologies provide new tools for analysing information, automating processes and optimising production, it is the strong expert knowledge that harnesses and applies this power. At Fortum eNext, our task is to help you run your plant with the industry’s best knowledge and technology. Over the years, we have successfully supported both our own fleet as well as international customers’ O&M sites in achieving outstanding operative and financial results with the help of advanced digital tools.

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