Dynamic simulation with Apros® software

Apros® simulation software is used to design and analyse the dynamic behaviour of thermal power plants and their control systems in a highly realistic way. It enables extensive modelling of power plant processes, which is particularly valuable for simulating operational changes, for operator training and for recruitment.

Control room design services
Accurate power plant simulation

Apros® enables dynamic and realistic simulation of power plant processes

Customer oriented
Operator training made easy

Quick and efficient onboarding of operators

Mitigating risks through simulation

Practicing skills for responding to challenging situations mitigates risks effectively

Apros process modelling and dynamic simulation

Full-scale modelling and dynamic simulation of power plant processes made easy

Apros® software enables full-scale modelling and dynamic simulation of power plant processes. Also energy networks, automation and electrical systems can be modelled easily and in detail. When starting power plant operations, the Apros simulator has a fundamental role in operator training and recruiting, as it provides a safe and accurate training environment for learning how to respond to diverse situations and problems that can arise at the plant. In the commissioning phase, the time needed for training operators is remarkably shorter, and onboarding new employees later on is also easy. 

The Apros model is always plant-specific. The software also enables highly realistic simulation of operational changes, such as cold start-ups, power change responses and equipment failures.

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"Apros® is our cost saver, risk reducer, business enabler and business optimiser."

Customer’s comment in the Fortum customer satisfaction survey.

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