Process information and optimisation with TOPi®

TOPi® is an efficient energy data management software that keeps track on your site’s performance. Users can monitor and manage the equipment performance to ensure productivity and reliability of operations.

Increased efficiency
Improved performance

Creating KPIs based on combined data from various sources enables a holistic approach to improving plant performance

Customer oriented

TOPi® is easy to use and presents information in a highly visual, user-friendly way

Modular structure

TOPi®’s modular structure ensures that the focus is always on bringing you the most benefits

Power plant view from terrace

TOPi® enables informed operational decisions

The main function of the TOPi® process information system is to monitor equipment performance and enhance power plant maintenance. At Fortum’s O&M sites, the tool is used to collect data from the defined DCS interface, store long history into the process database, and produce new information, such as calculations and reports, based on the data gathered. As an example, the system enables detailed process performance calculations with online and offline data, as well as emission and fuel consumption forecasts. The information is presented in a user-friendly way on process displays, as trend charts or reports, enabling an in-depth analysis and informed operational decision-making to improve the performance of the plant.

TOPi® is compatible with various automation systems, and the whole power plant personnel – from operators to management – can use the tool.

Power plant chimney

TOPi® has three main modules

  • TOPi® EMS (Energy Management System)
  • TOPi® OE (Operational Economy)
  • TOPi® Process (Process Information Management)

Power plant control room

TOPi® is a versatile and user-friendly tool

  • Compatible with various automation systems
  • Modular structure ensures a perfect fit for your needs
  • Whole power plant personnel from operators to management can use the tool

Modular structure ensures a perfect fit for your needs

TOPi® also offers other added-value applications that can be used to support several plant operations in a smart way. With the production optimisation application, clients can produce accurate production estimates both for short and longer periods of time. Production optimisation models are managed using a versatile graphical planning environment that supports any kind of production fleet.

The operational economy module is designed for easy and simple follow-up of the plant’s operational situation through chosen key performance indicators. With the environmental performance module, plant emission data can be reported with the required mode and frequency, depending on the plant needs (WID, LCP, etc.) The system is scalable and the modular structure always ensures a perfect fit for your needs.

TOPi® Titan Release Notes 2022-10