TOPi® Energy management system

Fortum TOPi® is an ideal tool for power plant's condition monitoring, data analysis, reporting and production planning. It is indended for increasing operational economy, efficiency and performance. Personnel from management to operators can use the tool.

Keep KPI values up to date

Automate routines and make reporting easier

Integration with other systems

TOPi Energy Management System

TOPi® has modular system structure

TOPi® consists of three main modules that can be delivered separately or together according to customer's needs.

The system includes an automation interface, historical database, versatile user tools, Solvo™ process calculation and other applied calculations, such as emission and consumption prognosis as well as production optimisation. In addition it includes data interfaces that are configured upon need.

TOPi® has three main modules

  • TOPi® EMS (Energy Management System)
  • TOPi® OE (Operational Economy)
  • TOPi® Process (Process Information Management)

TOPi® features

  • Compatible with various automation systems
  • Delivery scope will be agreed according to the customer's needs
  • Added value from process related applications
  • Browser based Graphical User Interface (GUI) tools

Customer benefits

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Improved operational economy, efficiency and performance

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Real-time condition monitoring and lifetime monitoring

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Tool for preventative maintenance

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Optimized production plan

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Emission monitoring

Find out more about TOPi®

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