TOPi® Aurora 2019.9.0 release notes

TOPi® Aurora 2019.9.0 brings a comprehensive set of new and enhanced features, proposed by TOPi® users.

Northern lights by Ari Kaarakainen

TOPi® Aurora 2019.9.0 brings several usability enhancements and new features both to user and admin tools. For example, use of ProView Editor and Formula Editor is smoother than before, there are better possibilities to define user-specific default values, and tooltips and logging features have been enhanced. Variable configuration supports both export and import functionality including  also possibility to specify metadata. Several security improvements have been implemented, e.g. stronger authentication. In addition, new release includes numerous smaller improvements helping users’ daily work.

Supported browsers:

  • IE11, Edge, Firefox ESR 60, Firefox ESR 68

General changes:

  • Various security improvements.
  • TOPi Browser Help redesigned.
  • Comma or dot can both be used as a decimal separator in all applications.
  • When user changes data in the system (e.g. modifies a report template or edits Balancer data), the event is logged into system log which can be viewed from the Logs application.
  • Settings: User interface for defining user overrides to system properties, e.g. default report column width, normal/compact grid etc.
  • Formula Editor: added equals sign (=) to expression text area to make it clearer that the formula itself shouldn't start with the equals sign (i.e. it works differently from Excel).
  • Support for Basic authentication at the same time with another authentication method. Useful when using the TOPi Browser API programmatically.
  • When using form login, the login button on the login page was not accessible when customer logo is large and window height is small. This is now fixed.
  • When using Form login and user is not logged in, user is now redirected after login to original requested page with full URL hash preserved. Useful when opening links containing e.g. specific settings for start and end time etc.
  • Translated some application names into German.
  • Help link is now hidden on logout and error pages.
  • Added more logging to authentication events (successful and failed logins are recorded in the log file).
  • Put FORMULA as the last option when selecting a data source in the variable selection dialog.
  • Support information and email can be configured in a system property.


  • Deny uploading SVG images as dashboard backgrounds (for security reasons).
  • Fixed incorrect spacing of ticks and range indicators in meters when there were range effects defined.
  • Edit page: Fixed background image preview list style.


  • Added tooltips in some places.
  • Fixed stepped mode and analysis view when time shifting.
  • If a variable was drawn as stepped, there was an extra line drawn because the last value point was not correctly time shifted.
  • In Analysis view, the filterings were not applied at correct places because time shift settings were not taken into account.
  • Fix filtering in analysis view when one of the filtering bounds was not specified.
  • Fix a rare bug where exiting "Edit data" mode does not work.
  • Fix a memory leak when showing and hiding the edit section multiple times.


  • Possibility to select (with a system property) if the option to add a link to an application / record is selected by default in new entry dialog.
  • Small fixes to link selection (e.g. OE record loading fixed).
  • Possibility to edit a notification's description.


  • Display a message to the user if the inputted values are not valid.


  • Editor: Variable and data source can be edited directly as text in element properties dialog.
  • Editor: Preview for the component to be added when using the "Add selected component to library" functionality.
  • Editor: Added unit and tooltip for table's column width.
  • Editor: Fixed a bug where tag browser dialog was growing infinitely.
  • Editor: Fixed Check Process View not reporting problems when it should.
  • Editor: Fixed clicking on library component preview (it should not reset URL hash).


  • Possibility to open ProTrend's variables in Report application.


  • Possibility to specify metadata for variables (currently the metadata is viewable and editable only through the import/export functionality).
  • Added new permission ROLE_CONFIGURATOR_EDIT that is required to edit the data. The ROLE_CONFIGURATOR permission now allows only viewing the data which might be useful for some users that should be able to view the data but not edit it. Existing user groups having the ROLE_CONFIGURATOR permission get the new role automatically.
  • Variable configuration can be exported into a CSV file. The export includes all configuration information for selected variables.
  • Import functionality supports importing metadata and multiple application-variable links at once. This means that the CSV produced by the export functionality can be re-imported and all data will be preserved. Note that you can only add or edit configuration for variables in the import, not e.g. delete application-variable links or metadata (the import merges the existing and imported configuration together).
  • Removed extra scrollbar from variable info side panel.


  • Use password input for some parameters that contain sensitive information but were previously displayed as plaintext.


  • Round start and end times in graph view to 15 min resolution.
  • Wake-up tool: Use the unit defined in active run plan variable instead of hard-coded "MW".
  • When stepped = true and time-weighted = true for a variable, stop drawing data in grid and graph when data for a variable ends (do not repeat the last value forever). In addition, now a line is drawn also for the last data point in graph (corresponding to the last calculation step / period).
  • Added new role (ROLE_RUNGUIDE_APPROVE_PLAN) that is required for approving run plans. This role is automatically added for all existing groups that have the ROLE_RUNGUIDE role in existing installations.
  • Active block background color changed from orange to green and block title font size increased if a large font is selected in system properties.


  • Last login time of a user is stored and displayed in the user list. This may be useful for finding unused accounts (e.g. if a person has left the company and the user account should be disabled).
  • Password complexity is now checked. New passwords must be at least 10 characters long and the password must contain at least one digit and one special character and it must not be equal to the username or username backwards (ignoring case).
  • Old password must be supplied when changing the password.
  • Password changing tool is hidden if changing the password is not supported (e.g. passwords are managed in Active Directory).
  • Fix column sorting.

Data sources:

  • write_data je_postgresql function re-added with the name write_data_mon (to prevent conflicts with possibly existing write_data functions in other schemas). The function is required by TOPi IO / Elliot to write server performance data.
  • Fixes to je_postgresql data source value aggregating functionality.