TOPi® Selene Release Notes

TOPi® Selene 2020.9.0 answers the needs of the changing energy sector by increasing integrations, expanding data sources and enhancing ease of use.

night sky and mountains

TOPi® Selene 2020.9.0 continues the path in which TOPi® continually answers to the needs of the changing energy sector. This is achieved by integrating TOPi® more strongly with maintenance management tool Maximo and by enabling customers to create more detailed hierarchies by enhancing the internal site-functionality. Continued focus on improving database operations reached a milestone as Timescale is now supported as a data source. Intuitive ease of use is strengthened by implemented multiple improvements that were received from active TOPi® users.

Supported browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox ESR 78
  • Mozilla Firefox ESR 68
  • Google Chrome (latest version at the time of release)
  • Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based) (latest version at the time of release)


  • Elliot parameters updated. The latest version of Elliot must be installed together with this version of TOPi® Browser.
    • Unnecessary parameters have been removed. (LA004660-3949)
    • Small new additions and updates. (LA004660-3884, LA004660-3949)
    • Operating time calculation (Maximo integration) related parameters and applications added. (LA004660-3978)
  • Support for PostgreSQL 12. (LA004660-3982)
  • Lithuanian translation added for Report application. (LA004660-4029)
  • When the system has sites configured in it, and when a user tries to save a record (report, display etc.) with no site, a warning is displayed that everyone will be able to see the record. This warning can be disabled with a system/user property if desired. (LA004660-3780)
  • Possibility to filter variables by site in variable dialog. (LA004660-3965, LA004660-3986, LA004660-4025)
  • Possibility to define a site for formulas. (LA004660-3986)
  • Recent template list remained shorter than the configured length after some record was deleted even though new records were opened afterwards. This is now fixed. (LA004660-1588)

Data sources:

  • Improved PostgreSQL data source time series aggregates.
    • Performance improvements in data fetching and saving. (LA004660-3907, LA004660-3915)
    • Functionality of aggregates is well-defined and documented. (LA004660-3904, LA004660-3905, LA004660-3907)
    • Implemented fetching data using Best Fit. (LA004660-3992, LA004660-3983, LA004660-3914)
  • Support for Timescale as a data source. (LA004660-3916, LA004660-3958, LA004660-4022)


  • The uploaded background image is now displayed immediately after upload in the image list. (LA004660-3698)
  • If uploading a background image ends in an error, previously this caused a broken image to appear in the image selection list. This is now fixed. (LA004660-1903)


  • Support for variable specific y-axis min/max limits. (LA004660-3443)
  • Graph overlay can be floating or docked by default. This can be controlled with a system/user property. (LA004660-3962)
  • More space for variable name / description in graph overlay. (LA004660-3968)
  • Excel file report sheet name is now always the same instead of having a number suffix that changes with every export. (LA004660-3988)
  • The analysis tool can now have multiple Y axes similarly to the Graph view if multiple Y axes have been configured for variables. (LA004660-2925)
  • Possibility to open a template directly into data editing mode. (LA004660-2360)
  • Recent templates list is now updated immediately after a template has been deleted. (LA004660-2957)

Constant parameter entry:

  • The default time for new values to be saved can be configured (with a system property) to be the exact value that was used when fetching data instead of rounding down to the nearest hour. (LA004660-3923)
  • Possibility to open the variables in the current CPE template in Report application. (LA004660-3902)


  • Removed unnecessary scrollbar. (LA004660-3886)
  • No need to select y-axis scaling mode (auto/manual) for a reporting variable separately. If min or max setting is left empty, it is determined automatically. (LA004660-3443)


  • Sending balancing power capacity change does not trigger recalculation anymore. (LA004660-4012)


  • Maximum entry comment length extended to 4000 characters. (LA004660-3903)
  • Entry event time and notification start and end times are now given with 1-minute precision instead of 1-second precision (which was unnecessarily precise). (LA004660-3972)
  • Removed unnecessary scrollbar. (LA004660-3993)
  • New entry type icons added. (LA004660-4049)


  • Editor: No need to select y-axis scaling mode (auto/manual) separately for a graph. If min or max setting is left empty, it is determined automatically. (LA004660-3443)
  • Fixed a bug where wrong variables were displayed in ProTrend when double-clicking on a ProView graph. (LA004660-3930)
  • If an element has a link (but not any variable) defined, clicking on the element will open the link directly. No popup is needed in such cases. For elements with a variable, clicking on the element will select the variable for including in a trend, and the link will be displayed in a popup, as before. (LA004660-3152)
  • Added possibility to automatically include the unit of a variable after its numeric value in text and table elements. (LA004660-3839)
  • Editor: If uploading a library component image ends in an error, previously this caused a broken image to appear in the library component selection list. This is now fixed. (LA004660-1903)
  • Editor: Double-clicking on the colour "droplet" in Linear / Radial Gradient settings dialogues did not open the colour picker in Google Chrome. This is now fixed. (LA004660-4085)


  • No need to select y-axis scaling mode (auto/manual) separately. If min or max setting is left empty, it is determined automatically. (LA004660-3443)
  • Moved "Export data for selected" link to a more visible position and renamed it to "Save to file". (LA004660-3974)
  • Only the data points currently visible in the graph are shown when displaying the data table for a variable (i.e. if the user zooms in, only data points from the time span visible in the graph will be listed in the data table). (LA004660-3973)
  • Data points are now displayed at round values according to the calculation step (period) selected for the variable. Previously if the start time was specified, e.g. as 10:04, values with 1-hour calculation step were displayed at 10:04, 11:04 etc. Now they are displayed at 10:00, 11:00 etc. (LA004660-3538)


  • Run plan menu can be hidden with a system property if run plans are not used. (LA004660-3866)
  • Wake up tool displays the exact ramp start timestamp in addition to the countdown timer. (LA004660-3768)
  • Possibility to configure additional values to be displayed at the top. (LA004660-3867)
  • Warn user if audio autoplay is blocked by the web browser and no alarm sounds will be produced. (LA004660-3890)
  • Fix run plan-approving. (LA004660-3892)
  • Blocks can have their own colours to help to identify the currently displayed block. Block colour is displayed in block selection buttons, and if configured with a system property, thick, coloured horizontal borders can be displayed at the top and bottom of the screen. (LA004660-3987)


  • Removed unnecessary scrollbar. (LA004660-3993)
  • Clicking on checkboxes in table headers did not work well in Google Chrome. This is now fixed. (LA004660-3851)


  • Disable the duplicate button correctly if the user doesn't have edit role.
  • In Loader, display if the imported variable already exists and will be modified or if it is a new one. (LA004660-4000)
  • Added possibility to mass delete variables. (LA004660-3885)
  • Added arrow to the sidebar toggle button.
  • Removed unnecessary scrollbar.
  • Fixed a bug where changing letters in PostgreSQL variable name from uppercase to lowercase or vice versa caused an error. (LA004660-3979)
  • Do not allow the repository of an Aspen variable to be changed. (LA004660-3628)
  • Fixed a bug where exporting a large number of variables caused an error. (LA004660-3935)


  • ROLE_MONITOR role is now enough to access the Monitor application, ROLE_PROVIEW is not needed. (LA004660-3622)