Convert your power plant to less polluting fuels

In the transition to a renewables-based energy system, conventional power plants often need modifications to reduce their emissions and adapt to changes in the energy sector. Bioconversion is an effective way to meet environmental targets.

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Greener energy – reliably and cost-efficiently

At Fortum eNext we know how to implement sustainable fuel conversion solutions without compromising plant operations. In practice, this means replacing or mixing fossil fuels with biomass or waste. Even small changes in fuel composition can have major impacts on the environment.

Our holistic approach to fuel conversions enables customers to increase the use of renewables and achieve emission reductions while avoiding technical deterioration and maintaining cost-efficient operations. As an independent service provider we handle equipment originally supplied by a wide selection of different OEM’s, bringing in our extensive engineering capabilities right from the first discussions with the customer.

Determining the best solution for each customer’s need

A fuel conversion project starts with an alternative fuels study. The study evaluates the fuels under consideration in terms of their impact on the boiler and power plant in the areas of power output, tendency for corrosion, fouling and slagging, effects on auxiliary equipment etc. Furthermore, we identify the modifications each of the assessed fuels would require on the boiler and fuel systems. Our analyses and conclusions are supported by model-based simulations, such as computational fluid dynamics modelling of combustion (CFD).

The alternative fuels study is followed by an in-depth fuel study that focuses on the fuel(s) found to have the greatest potential for the customer’s needs. With the determined fuel mixtures and fuel quality data, the impacts on the boiler behaviour and performance can be accurately assessed.

Once the in-depth study is completed, technical implementation is carried out as an efficient turnkey project with the shortest possible production downtime.

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Bioconversion is an effective way to reduce emissions

Significant emissions reductions can be achieved with even a small share of bioconversion in fuel input.

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Broad expertise on conversion of power plants

Fortum eNext can support you with diverse fuel conversions to biomass, wood pellets, bio and pyrolysis oils.

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