Cleaner air with low-NOx combustion technology

Fortum eNext's tailor-made combustion solutions reduce emissions effectively and help you meet regulatory requirements. Comply easily with NOx emission limits by choosing our solutions.

Optimal and secure investment

with guarantee of success for every delivery

Tailored solutions

for any OEM's equipment

Efficient turn-key projects

with short production downtime

Fortum eNext low-NOx technology

We can guarantee that the desired emission levels are met, regardless of the current set up at your site. An optimal combustion technology is designed to fit Fortum eNext's low-NOx solution and any original equipment manufacturer's (OEM) technology with a minimum capital expenditures. To maximise the success of your investment, remote monitoring and technical support for the warranty period are always included.

Achieve significant NOx emission reductions in a cost-effective way

NOx emission level of 300mg/Nm3 can be met with our primary NOx reduction methods without increasing operational expenditures. Additionally, combining our state-of-the-art low-NOx combustion technology with a secondary NOx reduction system, substantial NOx emission reductions can be achieved in an economical way.

Primary NOx reduction

Primary + secondary NOx reduction

NOx emissions down to 250 - 300 mg/Nm3

NOx emissions below 200 mg/Nm3

Our low-NOx burners and other combustion technology related modifications are built in order to achieve a high combustion efficiency as well as to minimise slagging, high-temperature corrosion and unburnt carbon.

Key benefits

Simplified concept & construction
Sophisticated automation control
Reduced investment costs
Low O&M costs
Short implementation period
Reliable & safe operation
No by-products for disposal
Fuel flexibility

Extensive experience

The first combustion projects in early 1990's
Over 50 reference projects for various types of power plants
Successful turn-key deliveries for over 15 different OEM technologies

OEM independent

Tailored solutions for any OEM's technology
Proven and patented technology
Continuous R&D due to tightening emission limits in the EU

EHSQ in the forefront

Safety as the top priority in everything we do
ISO Quality Assurance:
ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001

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