Create lasting value with operational excellence

Our expert services cover all essential aspects of operations and maintenance to keep your assets running optimally both from a technical and financial perspective. We provide concrete solutions for production process improvements, daily O&M practices, and efficient maintenance management.

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Operate your plant reliably and cost-efficiently

Our comprehensive expert services cover energy efficiency and O&M audits, maintenance management studies, investment analyses, and lifetime assessments. To achieve substantial benefits and to create value for many years to come in such areas as production efficiency, operational economy, reliability or availability, it is necessary to see the overall picture as the starting point. We work in close collaboration with our customers to gain a deep understanding of their needs, as well as to recognise hidden areas of improvement. Depending on the case in question, audits and feasibility studies may include questionnaires, model-based calculations, and peer-group benchmarking, which are utilised for more accurate and in-depth analyses. As a result, we provide the client with a targeted solution proposal to capture all the potential value available in the case.

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Offering value for many years to come

Building on our utility heritage and know-how of running and optimising our own fleet, we always look at our customers’ situation holistically and aim to offer value for many years to come.

Ensure the optimal mix of clean energy solutions

In addition to expert services for thermal power plants, Fortum eNext helps customers with decentralised, renewable energy production solutions to supply clean district heating for the needs of municipalities and city districts. We enable cost-efficient heat pump, waste heat recovery and biomass boiler solutions to meet your requirements and energy targets. The suitable mix of energy solutions, optimised operation modes and a reliable district heating network ensure high security of supply, sustainable district heating production, and positive financial impacts. The project scope will be mutually agreed to ensure a successful delivery.

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A step towards a clean energy future

Optimising regional energy systems and incorporating new CO2-free ways of producing heat enable our customers to take a step towards a clean energy future.

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