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16.39 EET

Fortum eNext to supply unique combustion technology for Finland’s first activated carbon facility

Fortum eNext was selected to participate in the design and manufacturing of the post-combustion system for Vapo Oy’s first activated carbon facility in Finland. Fortum eNext was able to demonstrate the most advantageous solution to reduce NOx emissions produced in the combustion process.


14.57 EEST

Fortum eNext to provide emissions reduction technology to Tisovà power plant in Czech Republic

Fortum eNext has been selected to carry out a boiler refurbishment project at Tisovà, power plant in Western Bohemia in the Czech Republic. The main target is to reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions from the lignite fired boiler to make it meet tightening European emission norms.


21.06 EEST

Fortum eNext performing first turbine and generator overhaul in Czech Republic

For the first time, Fortum eNext is doing a full revision of a steam turbine and generator for a customer located in the Czech Republic. The equipment is being overhauled at Fortum’s own workshops in Finland and Sweden and then sent back to the Czech Republic under tight time pressure.


08.26 EEST

Complex enough for Fortum eNext

In April, Fortum eNext took on a taxing task from Göteborg Energi in Sweden. The project has two major dimensions: supplying the plant with nitrogen oxide reduction equipment, and designing and installing a new automation system and switchgear, all on a tight schedule in order to complete the work before winter. The project is now running in full swing.


15.45 EEST

Fortum eNext to supply Vaskiluodon Voima with nitrogen oxide reduction equipment

Fortum eNext, specialising in reducing emissions and improving energy efficiency, will supply nitrogen oxide reduction equipment to Vaskiluodon Voima Oy’s Vaasa power plant. The modification will enable the power plant to comply with the tightening restrictions on nitrogen oxide emissions.


10.56 EEST

Fortum O&M UK Ltd − Grangemouth CHP handed 5th consecutive RoSPA President's Award for health and safety practices

President's Award is presented to those organisations which have achieved 10-14 consecutive Gold Awards. So far the Grangemouth CHP has achieved 14 consecutive Golds.


09.10 EEST

Fortum eNext to present Generator Diagnostics at Iris Rotating Machine Conference in New Orleans

You are warmly welcome to hear as Ph.D. Gabor Csaba from Fortum eNext, Turbine and Generator Services, gives and in-depth presentation of Generator Diagnostics − From failure modes to risk for forced outage − at the annual Iris Rotating Machine Conference - IRMC, May 6-9, 2019 in New Orleans.


11.23 EET

Fortum eNext to present turnaround solutions for aging power plants at the Boilers and Energy Equipment Conference 2019 in Brno

We invite you to meet us and follow our presentation on how to take your plant's performance to a new level with a holistic turnaround approach.


15.25 EET

Fortum eNext supports energy producers to adapt to industry transformation

Winds of change are blowing in the energy sector. The role of conventional energy production is changing and energy companies need to rethink their strategies and business models.


09.17 EET

Rwanda turns a new leaf in its energy strategy with services from Fortum eNext

In recent years, Rwanda has been one of the fastest growing economies in the East African Community, recognised by the World Economic Forum. It is also among the most stable countries in Central Africa. Along with growth comes the need for more energy, amongst other things.


14.14 EET

Ready to run one of the world’s most efficient biomass-fired power plants

By operating one of the world’s largest and most efficient biomass-fired power plants, in England, Fortum eNext is not only implementing Fortum's strategy but is also taking the UK a step closer to its goal of obtaining 15% of its energy from renewable sources by 2020.