Biomass co-firing for GE Energia Ciepła Krakow, Poland

After the project carried out by Fortum, Krakow CHP plant's NOx emissions were significantly decreased due to fuel change from hard coal only to the mixture of hard coal and biomass co-firing.

PGE Energia Ciepla Krakow

Project description

Fortum supplied NOx reduction to Krakow CHP power plant in Poland. Boiler K2 was modified by substituting 35% of the hard coal fuel with biomass. Different biomass qualities including wooden biomass and agro biomass pellets were fed into the boiler. Fortum' project enabled biomass co-firing possibility which reduces NOx emissions by 20 - 30%.

Fortum's contribution to the project:

  • Dual-fuel low-NOx burners equipped with biomass co-firing possibilities
  • OFA air system
  • Boiler silo and feeding silos for each burner level
  • Biomass receiving station and storage silos
  • Biomass crushers and feeding

Customer benefits:

  • 20 - 35% coal was substituted with biomass by energy basis
  • NOx emissions were decreased by 20 - 30%
  • With biomass, NOx emissions reached the level of 220 - 270 mg/Nm3
  • UBC in the fly ash remained the same or even reduced with biomass co-firing
  • Combustion control by burners
  • Suitable mix of different kind of biomass
  • Flame was very bright and stable
  • Boiler behavior was normal
  • No slagging and fouling was observed during commissioning of the biomass system
  • No negative effect on coal firing and 100% coal capacity remains


  • Power plant: PGE Energia Ciepła Krakow (Hard Coal)
  • Location: Krakow, Poland
  • Power output: 4 x 120 MW
  • 4 x 380 t/h tangential firing boilers
  • Commercial operation: started in 1970
  • Customer: PGE Energia Ciepła S.A
  • Project duration: 2009-2010
  • Services: fuel change from hard coal to biomass


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