Long-term service agreement for turbine generators, Veolia Kilpilahti, Finland

Fortum eNext long-term service agreement enables optimal life cycle management of turbine generators for Veolia in Kilpilahti power plant, Finland.

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Case description

To reach the ambitious target of 100% availability for the customer at the new combined heat and power plant in Kilpilahti, Finland, the operator of the plant, Veolia Services Suomi Oy, sought a partner for the lifecycle management of the plant’s gas and steam turbines. Based on previous collaborations, the customer felt Fortum eNext was a natural partner with the resources, the skills and the insight required for managing the lifecycle of the turbine generators.

The long-term service agreement Veolia signed with Fortum covers all the necessary maintenance actions for turbine generators for the next eight years. The partnership enables a more systematic approach to the lifecycle management, and better technical support, as all historical data is already available in the system. The properly timed replacement or reconstruction of spare parts enables shorter maintenance periods, which can generate significant cost savings for the owner of the power plant.

After the first six months, the customer has a positive view of the partnership. “I expect to be able to trust that Fortum’s maintenance work will address any problems within the time frame to avoid any unexpected faults or other outages. The partnership also creates an ideal platform to work together to draw up a development programme for the future,” says Juha Kujala, Maintenance Manager at Veolia Services Suomi Oy.

Veolia Kilpilahti thermal power plant

  • Customer: Veolia, the operator and one of the owners of Kilpilahti power plant
  • Site: Kilpilahti thermal power plant in Porvoo, Finland.  Using mainly side streams from the nearby refinery as a fuel.

Operational facts

  • Current thermal plant: 5 units with 5 boilers, 2 gas turbines and 2 steam turbine generators.
  • 3 new boilers and a steam turbine generator under construction. Once ready, 2 old boilers and the old steam turbine generators will be decommissioned. 
  • Eventually 6 operational units with electricity generation capacity of 170M
  • General Electric gas turbines, Alstom generators
  • Siemens steam turbine and generator

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