Full-scope O&M services for thermal power plants

We provide full-scope Operation and Maintenance (O&M) solutions to ensure that your power plant runs sustainably, safely and economically. We help you maximise your plant’s performance and increase profitability and shareholder value throughout the asset’s lifetime.


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Control room at the power plant

Outperform through optimal efficiency and reliability

At Fortum O&M Services, we operate your plant using industry-leading expertise and technology. Our task is to ensure the availability, efficiency and reliability of your assets, with the highest standards in safety and sustainability. This expertise stems from long experience in serving both our own fleet as well as a wide range of international O&M customers. With excellent performance in operating several third-party power plants, we are also seen as a trusted and bankable service provider in the eyes of financial stakeholders.  Consequently, our low risk profile often enables power plant owners to secure a lower interest rate when financing.

To show our commitment and confidence in our ability to secure long-term value creation, we are also open to negotiations regarding acquisition of a minor equity stake in your company.

Affecting a power plant’s efficiency and costs is possible

Our long and extensive experience has shown that a power plant's efficiency and costs can be affected through careful decisions at the beginning of the asset's lifetime.

Financial performance on the environment's terms

Improved plant efficiency means you can optimise resource use and minimise unavailability. Minimising unavailability means fewer costs – better for your bottom line and better for the environment overall.


A trusted O&M partner

When starting power plant operations, there are many factors to consider. Each customer has different needs, from meeting environmental targets to managing the plant’s overall operations, including its technology, services and personnel. Fortum's world-class concept and valuable experience as a power plant owner and operator mean that we can ensure our customers’ technological and financial competitiveness. As an independent O&M service provider, we always propose the most suitable solution for our customers and incorporate both advanced digital solutions as well as a broad in-house expertise network for O&M excellence and plant performance.

Our full-scope O&M approach

Our O&M portfolio covers all the activities necessary to operate your plant safely, sustainably and economically: O&M advisory, planning, mobilisation, and daily operation and maintenance services as well as long-term service agreements for turbines and generators. The scope of the contract will be tailored to match your individual requirements.

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Advanced digital solutions for power plants

As a part of our O&M portfolio, we provide the required digital solutions for each customer’s environment to ensure smooth mobilisation, onboarding and efficient plant operations.

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Explore our customer reference stories

New O&M model

Teesside, United Kingdom

O&M project, 2017 - ongoing

Teesside O&M project

Rwanda, East Africa

O&M project, 2017 - ongoing

Rwanda O&M project

Grangemouth, United Kingdom

O&M project, 1998 - ongoing

Grangemouth O&M project

Lakeside, United Kingdom

O&M project, 2007-2012

Lakeside O&M project

“We have chosen Fortum as our O&M operator due to great price-quality ratio and have not regretted our choice. The availability is high, and we are impressed by Fortum’s safety culture and technical competence.“

Dr. Martin Buschmeier, CEO at Trianel 800 MW CCGT power plant in Germany

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